How I Curl My Hair!

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  1. I wish every comment on this video wasn't about her weight!! She looked beautiful then and she looks beautiful now! I mean, gosh… if this is what people call "chubby" then I would LOVE to be chubby!

  2. Can you combine these curls with the techniques ofyour volumous hair video?

  3. The music is Capozio Virtue ??? i've found finally?

  4. Plz what is your lipsticks number

  5. this is a hair tutorial guys not a "focus on someone else's eyebrows" tutorial not to be so uptight ?☕

  6. Okay, I've got a major question!! I seen an earlier video where you have naturally curly hair and blow dry it straight with voluminous curls. So, in order to curl your hair with heat and where you have natural curls, how do you get your hair to how it was at the beginning of the video? Since you've got naturally curly hair, do you blow dry it straight or use a straightener and then do this routine? It seems like it may take awhile, but the results are beautiful. I have naturally curly hair and have been wanting something a little different, instead of wearing it natural everyday.. Which I love, but I'd like to switch it up sometimes. So, knowing you have natural curly hair and can have it look like this also is not only amazing but beautiful!

  7. That is a great idea using a regular iron to create the same type of curls you would get with a wand. Thanks for the tip I am going to try your handy dandy technique.

  8. Honestly you look so pretty even looking like this. Especially around your face ?

  9. Does anyone know the name of the song?

  10. She was so better, she was perfect before.

  11. Anyone think she looks like Megan Fox? XD lol

  12. omg i love your videos..i just saw this n wanted to know from wre did yu got this top

  13. does anyone know what size curling tongs she uses in this video? lol

  14. You are so pretty I love this video thank you so much

  15. Gorgeousss i did a inspired carli Bybel Video check my channel out! <3

  16. You're so beautiful ! And your hair is gorgeous! 🙂 this video makes me want to curl my hair right now

  17. I actually think she looks better with thinner brows than her thick ones she has now.

  18. U r absolutely pretty in every video. I wish I were ur twin. Ur face is so lovely and gorgeous.

  19. what a beautiful long curly hair you have. i would love to feel it.

  20. Wow you look so different from now then in this video

  21. I think you would look beautiful if your hair was short! Even though you also look very beautiful with long hair(:

  22. The curling iron brand is "Hot Tools" You can get them cheap on amazon

  23. Youre so beautiful! You remind me of Megan Fox or Chantel Jeffries with darker hair… lol

  24. Omg! You are so beautiful!! I love how your hair look!

  25. Is it weird that I like her when she looked like this. I don't why? She seems a bit chubbier here but I really love her like this!

  26. What type of hair spray you using

  27. Anyone noticed she's left handed

  28. I personally think she looks better in this video. With all the weight loss she looks like a lil' teenage girl but whatever still gorgeous woman 🙂

  29. love ur top and lipcolor. what do u have on?

  30. You look a little chubby but you still look glam

  31. Like if you thought in the beginning it was Not About Angels by Birdy!

  32. Carli , PLZZZZZZZ TELLL ME WHEREE YOU GOT THAT SHIRT??!!?!? I've been looking all over the place for this shirt!!!!

  33. Hey!! What do u use to make ur hair shiny? I ave frizzy hair so even if I use a shampoo to make it shiny it doesn't REALY help bec my hair gets frizzy.. What products do u use in ur hair?

  34. Thanks beautiful you really helped me out today :))

  35. is yur hair brown or black love it couse I want my hair tht color so bad

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