How I Cut Layers in My Hair AT HOME!

Hello my loves!! I was long over due for a hair cut 😀 I decided to do an update on how I cut layers in my hair!! I bought these scissors a few days ago because I’ve really needed a hair cut. I have been doing my own hair for years!! This is my own technique that has worked for ME! TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK! My tip is to take only a little off at a time. That way there are no big mistakes. I also recommend having someone help you if it’s your first time. I hope you guys enjoy this video!! I love you all!!! XOXO Carli

  • *YES these are hair cutting scissors
  • *My hair is very course and thick – these techniques may not look good on fine or thin hair
  • *I only curled the ends so you can see the layers. It still looks great straight 🙂
  • This is how I’ve cut my hair for the past 5 years 🙂 !


  1. u r so good u have got beautiful hair and u r beautiful too

  2. there's nothing right or wrong here i guess.. its an art and its her way of doing it.. but I wouldn't prefer to do it however

  3. i just tried this and it turned out okay, i just know salons suck so this is always your better option plus its free, but when you do this just be careful not to cut too much or too edgy and know that after it grows a little it will look more natural. so after a few days it looked more natural for me and I'm glad I went into it with confidence from this video xd

  4. Omg your hair is so pretty! Wish my hair was that long and shiny.

  5. You are gorgeous and brilliant. I followed this tutorial and my hair is flowing and beautiful. Kia ora (Thank you) from New Zealand :-*

  6. Wear it's straight .let see how it look ?

  7. she talking about how she is afraid of letting people touch her hair and how she got a bad experience… she is really fucking her hair up lol

  8. Just did it tonight w/ your way, came out super. Thanks 🙂

  9. Girl, you did a great job with cutting your own hair!
    Wish i could do that too…………….

  10. GIRLLLLLL you're hair is soooo beautiful???

  11. I have long hair too and every time I go to expensive salons I end up waiting 2-3 years for my hair to be back to its original beauty. I will never go back to a salon again. I trust myself more. Thx Carly!

  12. I like the color that you have. what color is it?

  13. Hey random person scrolling through the comments!
    I hope you have a great day!?
    From a smaller YouTuber who's dream is to hit 10k subs??

  14. your hair is soo healthy what vitamins you use and what natural products please let us kno?

  15. your hair is gorgeous but you kinda fucked it up with cutting it yourself go to a professional sweetie

  16. i hate the layers in my hair SOOO much!! they don't work with any hair style??

  17. Gratitude, not thankfulness. Yes I am a grammar nazi.

  18. Omg you are soooo beautiful?…! I love love love you hair… can you please please do an updated hair cutting video??

  19. that moment when one section of her hair is as thick as all of the hair on ur whole head

  20. It's chunky af in the front

  21. Loved this tutorial, your hair is insane! What hair colour do you use please? It is so shiny x

  22. I wanted to cut layers for so long….. but I'm so scared they'll butcher my hair ??

  23. I agreed with you. I have had horrible experiences. Than k you for sharing, I am planning on cutting my hair just after watching your video. Wish me luck 🙂

  24. girl u fucked your whole hair up!! With this technique it takes way too long and can be very confusing to first timers!!!

  25. same.. I strongly dislike hairdressers.. left crying a couple of times.. apparently "just a trim" means chopping my hair from almost hip-length to just below the shoulders? never again. That little chop is years and years of insecuity and trying to grow back my hair…

  26. I have cut my hair twice now using this video and it came out great both time!! Thank you!

  27. your technique works for you. your hair texture isn't like mine.

  28. What eye shadow & lipstick color(s) and brand do you use?

  29. You should be a hair stylist

  30. You are gorgeous and have beautiful hair, but this was terrifying to watch… You are lucky you have thick hair. Please people don't do this yourself if you have thinner hair… Like she said, don't want you to butcher your hair… She has just been extremely lucky thus far

  31. My hair dresser friends CRINGE at this video.. DONT FOLLOW THIS YOULL RUIN YOUR HAIR! Go to a professional

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