How I Cut My Hair AT HOME!

Thumbs up if you want to see a makeup tutorial of this look!

Disclaimer: I NEVER went to beauty school… so try at your own risk! Ask someone to help you if you have never done this before! Do a little bit at a time 🙂 I know I will get a ton of people telling me I am doing it wrong.. BUT this is how I’ve ALWAYS done it 🙂 So this video is for those who want to learn how I cut my hair!! Enjoy my suga pies! AND YES THESE ARE PROPER HAIR CUTTING SCISSORS! lol i’m not that silly.

Bellami Styling Tools:

How I Self Tan At Home:


  1. worst self haircut ever. Uneven CHUNKS everywhere.

  2. How does your hair look that healthy if you never cut it? That's what I want to know :O

    Btw, you are beautiful! 😛

  3. I should of done this instead of going to the hairdresser ?I had thick hair and now it's super thin ?

  4. I am so jealous with your thick hair. Beautiful hair…

  5. yourebauytiful hair baby
    and love youhair darlingLady somuch youhair

  6. You looked so Different without all the surgery

  7. love the make up! can you please di a tutorial on it?

  8. lovely results and u won't have to cry both ur hair and money due to a wrong hair cut

  9. I always cut my own hair and for the same reason….when I say trim an inch I mean one inch and they cut off eight inches!! So frustrating!

  10. Very long hair to be natural! how on earth do you grow it out so long? my hair doesn't grow that long as I dye it.

  11. what's her hair colorrrr?????

  12. great vid! Some feedback is to talk us through the whole process. I got a a little bored while I was waiting for you to talk.

  13. Wish she had spent more time explaining the why and how and spent less time trying to look cute. Obviously a very attractive girl, but thanks for nothing.

  14. Carli, you are spectacularly beautiful!!!?

  15. How do you get that super soft and silky hair? Could you pls make a video about it?

  16. I just followed this step by step and it is perfect! Thank you so much!

  17. I'm so tempted to grab any scissors and do this right now haha

  18. I had 4inches cut off yesterday when I asked for less than an inch! so upset. I mean my ends were pretty dry but now I feel naked!


  20. NEVER LAYER THE HAIR, all one lenght hair looks the best of all!

  21. i'm so sad!! i did this, and now my hair looks like shitt!! :(((((((((( crying!!!!

  22. This is insanity. None of that hair is even

  23. She looks so much like Gigi gorgeous !!

  24. I love you carli but this video fucking sucked

  25. i wonder what guy tang thought about her haircut after he colored it.

  26. you should try me I wouldnt cut to much but you are.missing a big service but do what you feel…

  27. what i seem to notice now is that usually at hair dressers they wet your hair first them obv cut so when i usually want 2 inch i just tell them an inch so that way when it drys its the length i want hope that makes sense

  28. I can never understand why hairdressers get so pissed off when people cut their own hair. Like why do you care? I paint my own nails and do my own makeup and I don't get nail technicians and makeup artists losing their shit over it. Who cares? People can do what they want.

  29. When she says the word forward. ?

  30. What happens if I do this with normal scissors?

  31. omg i cut my hair like this too i am glad theres someone who does the same thing I thought i was messing my hair up

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