How I Cut My Hair (My long layer haircut)

Here’s how I cut my hair! This is my go to long layer haircut for my fine hair.

I consider my hair to be a little on the thin side so I like to keep the ends heavy to add volume and the layers long and a little wispy. Better wispy layers than wispy ends right? This haircut also helps a lot with styling, because everything just blends together. I hope this helps you with what to ask for at the salon / hairdressers. And I’m hoping that I don’t wait so long for my next trim!


  1. This was SO helpful and informative! Thank you Kayley and Nadirah!

  2. thanks for the hair cut vocabulary! Last time I got my hair cut and said I wanted something between a v and a straight cut like a straight cut, more like a u, the hair stylist looked at me really funny 😉 My hair gets tangled so easily, that's why I always asked for soft layers in the ends

  3. Professional haircut which gives nothing to learners…Its a "self advertising" video.

  4. It looks so dry and damaged though

  5. She is a great hairdresser I have a fantastic hairdresser.
    Did she do your wedding hair

  6. you can keeping longer when you cutting next!

  7. Any body else just notice that kayley was on buzz feed.

  8. Your editing is so on point!! ^^

  9. I will take this video to my hair dresser and tell her: I want to look like that exactly.

  10. This really made me feel like I need a haircut. I have never found a hairdresser that actually listens to me, though.. they see my thick, long, naturally curly hair and they just layer the shit out if it and thin it to oblivion ?

  11. The title of this video is misleading. It should be "how I get my hair cut". The current title implies you do it yourself, which was not at all demonstrated in the video.

  12. I am so thankful for this video!! I made me realize how much my various hair stylists have been butchering my long hair :(. I just haven't found one that I like yet but I am definitely going to utilize these tips next time!

  13. I have been beng-watching ur videos for the last 4 hours or more!!

  14. This is such a great video!! So helpful 🙂 could you do one similar but with your current colour? I'm loving the ashy icy blonde

  15. my hair is thin and fine this is definitely the haircut I need!

  16. Omg, she needs to cut my hair! Too bad I live in the Netherlands 🙁

  17. the content is awesome, BUT WHO RECORDED IT????? it is awful not being able to see the whole picture instead of super close ups

  18. What a lovely, informative video! Nadirah has such great camera presence – I'd love to see more of her (here or on her own channel)!! frantically searches for her instagram

  19. I want to get my hair cut but I'm so scared after my last haircut. I always ask for long layers and some thinning because I just have that much hair. I have requested the same thing for years (over a decade!) and this past time they gave me something close to a mullet!! Kind of like what you guys said, bowl cut in the front and long in the back. I also ask for face framing layers with the shortest being no shorter than my jaw/chin (whichever I felt like at the time). My hair has finally grown out enough where it doesn't look horrible. Any tips for a future haircut and avoid this again??

  20. Thank you so much for doing this video! I have hair that is very much like yours and I have always wanted to know how you get your haircut so that I could get something similar! So thank you again for sharing this!

  21. My hair is really damaged near the ends.
    But should I cut it rlly short as damage is a bit all throughout my hair or just cut the ends? And does anyone know some super good repairing oil/shampoo

  22. AWWW SHE SEEMS LIKE SUCH A GOOD HAIRDRESSER!!! I want her to be mine but she lives so far away from where i live!!

  23. Totally rando buuuutt the stylist voice sounds like Wynona Ryder. And I'm not hating it, I kind of love her.

  24. Ugh why do I live on another continent again ?

  25. I recently got 5 inches of my hair cut, and it's still relatively long (it reaches just below my breasts). I had a question for you though. I've been going to the pool everyday for 2 months and it's really affecting my hair. It's starting to get curly and frizzy and not at all like it used to be. Any advice for me? Should I be shampooing it everyday? I don't wash it daily, just wet it after coming from the pool.

  26. I totally need a Nadirah here in Italy. This is exactly what I want but never get

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