How I Did My Makeup In High School | Laura Lee

Hey Larlee’s I finally got around to the how I did my makeup in high school tag. Lets just say it was a lot different than the way I do my makeup now days. High school was a fun time for me and a life changing experience. I found my weaknesses and my strengths. I feel like in high school the world is so confusing and we are so young at that time. I had my struggles, but I feel as if I came out on top by following my life passions. Do your very best in high school and be nice to people. High school is a tiny part of your life so just know it doesn’t last forever. Thanks for watching xo – Laura

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  1. Wow I think you are so amazing. You legit make me feel a certain kind of way while you shared your school and life experiences. Gosh, thanks for sharing! I'm so glad that I found you on YouTube ❤

  2. I feel like I'm finding all the emotional videos today ? you are so relatable!

  3. Omg you actually look like your in high school! Love this video hahahaha

  4. Girl. You're perfect. Don't worry about society ?

  5. I love her heartfelt stories so much I cry every. Single. Time. Like a fuckin baby

  6. life is supposed to be lived to the fullest. your soul shined more than your brain and that's what makes you beautiful. I only passed art class in my life as well. ❤ there's a difference between education and intellect, sweetheart. anyone can be educated but intellect is what pushes you through life and it's something not a lot of people have. you're special.

  7. All the kids I work with are graduating. Their all seniors. My sister and I work together and she's graduating too. I work at mazzios. And the manager said that anyone not graduating has to work but fuck that I'm not showing up

  8. You pretty much described me in high school. I dreaded every day. School was just not for me and that is exactly why I never wanted to go to college ??

  9. Kudos to you! There will always be struggles in life the key is to use them to learn and grow. Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing ?

  10. Well Laura Lee, I just love you <3

  11. i legit watch this video at least once a day?

  12. sweetie you sound so much like me and my daughter. I'm glad you followed what your good at. I have major health issues and spend a lot of time in bed and your videos make me smile

  13. Man I can so relate to your school issues. I had a learning disability and severe test anxiety starting in 1st grade. In second grade I would know all my spelling words backwards and forwards then take the test and get them all wrong! When they said I should be held back to redo 2nd grade my mom tried to get me into the new private school that my older siblings were going into but they wouldn't take me. So she took me out and home schooled me instead. Thankfully for us this was an option because honestly it's the best thing that could have ever happened to me! When you get rid of those external pressures it becomes much easier to focus on learning what you need and want to learn at your own pace and on a method that works for you.
    I did this back in the 90's when it was kinda just starting out. Nowadays it's way easier to be home schooled with all the things available digitally now. Some schools even have an online option. I wish more people with children who have learning issues would look into homeschooling these days. The only issue I had with home schooling was being a little aspy by the time I went to college. I didn't get quite enough peer socialization while young but I've thankfully overcome most of it.
    Thanks for sharing your story!!

  14. your so inspiring you remind me SOOO much of my neighbour Sharna she has a you tube channel its Cra Sha but she has changed alot lately

  15. You are so inspirational! Thank you for sharing such a personal story and being such a wonderful role model for young people in a day where everyone judges everyone. As a mom, I wanted to reach into your video and just hug you and tell you I'm proud of you Laura. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. Stay classy xoxo

  16. I've been laughing for five minutes over the fact that you put Joe Dirt in your high school pictures

  17. Awww I love you. You've done amazing for yourself and are such an inspiration to young people out there❤️❤️

  18. You just explained how school work was for me last year, I just found out I have dyslexia and school work like English and maths are honestly the strangest things to me, I just don't get it but this video has given me inspiration, I honestly love you Laura lee ❤️❤️

  19. This honestly made me so sad! Not everyone can be book smart but you are inspiring people now Laura!

  20. I didn't get to graduate . my boyfriend at the time put me in the hospital and I got kicked out at 18 n I was I njrotc at the time getting ready for the marines and then not graduating turned my life upside down. I feel you. I partied and was both interested in school but sometimes I feel down too because my friends left for the military or did college or is happily married and I'm not a single mom that has a ged.
    talk about statistics:(

  21. Thanks for sharing! This made me love your channel even more. =]

  22. Your high school story is exactly how I feel! I barely graduated and I feel so pressured to know what I want to do with my life. I could rewatch this a million times.

  23. I know exactly what you're talking about

  24. I thought i loved you, but no! I LOVE you! I can relate so much. And i am glad you share your story. I can feel a little better about myself now.

  25. love ya girl!! Thanks for always keeping it real.

  26. Your story speaks to my soul. I have just started watching your videos and I am really drawn to your open and honest candor. Life is definitely not easy – and if you want something do not ever let anyone or anything get in your way. There is something inside you greater than any obstacle. I have lived through a marriage of physical and emotional abuse – left my husband and had to start over – I literally had a grocery bag with my belongings. If you had told me then that I would have a Bachelor's degree in nursing and would own my own house and be completely self sufficient by age 35 I would have said you were crazy. It wasn't easy but I know I am a healer and my calling is to be a nurse. The only thing that stands between you and your dreams is the bullshit excuses you tell yourself about why you can't do it.

  27. So inspirational ? keep shooting for the stars bby .

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