• OUAI – Curl Shampoo // $28
  • OUAI – Curl Conditioner // $26
  • The Wet Brush // $9
  • OUAI – Leave-In Conditioner // $26
  • OUAI – Curl Jelly // $26
  • Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer // $399
  • Balmain – Golden Styling Comb // $209
  • Hot Tools – 1/2 Inch Curling Iron // $26
  • OUAI – Hair Oil // $45
  • COLOR WOW – Root Cover Up // $34.50


  1. I highly recommend trying Monet moisture line of products!??

  2. Yess we need more natural curly hair within mainstream media. For so long all I would see was styles you could only do with straight hair & I used to straighten the life outta my curls bc I didn't know how to take care of them properly. My curls are now one of my favourite features

  3. Castor oil helps big time. It will give major volume over time.

  4. i feel u ahah curly hair can not be controlled?

  5. This is all we ever needed! wow ?

  6. Love that you're embracing your curls ! <3 I'm constantly trialling new products and it's a STRUGGLE

  7. Beautiful….. I just want you to know you're my favorite girl…… ?

  8. The curly hair makes you look so different, and also super youthful, idk why. I think it looks great!

  9. Dont overpluk your eyebrows and overprocess your hair. What every older woman told us. Didnt listen en now we are telling the younger girls ??

  10. I was waiting for this video so much
    I have the same problem with my hair
    I destroyed my hair with the blonde than.
    So I cuted my hair so much and now I am just waiting you know. I am waiting now for 7 months and I can’t wait them to come back! My lovely curls!

  11. I love your hair curly it just has so much more "character" if that makes sense at all ? your curl pattern is just amazing ?

  12. Hi lovey!! Look amazing. Ps I heard Ouai is being sued. A lot of women are reporting major hair loss. Be careful!

  13. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you curl it with the curling iron, if it's not it can damage your hair.

  14. loved it!!!! love your curls
    my issue with my curls are they have too much volume and i end up with an Diana Ross volume and i don't like it . do you have a product you recommend? and is the OUAI shampoo is sulfer free?

  15. I ❤️ your curls! I think curls are the best! I’ll have to try out some of those products! Enjoy those curls ?

  16. Love your curly hair! I have naturally curly hair and the struggle is real to keep the curls in order and looking their best! I love the little crunch that you get from gel! I am trying to find the best product that's healthy for your hair and cheap! It gets to be very expensive to keep curls pretty and healthy!

  17. Please go to a curl specialist! We exist! Im from AZ and Im a licensed cosmetologist. Ive been working with curly specifically for awhile now and let me tell you Desi, knowledge on curly hair is SO important. Ive been on my curly journey for about 7 years. Ive been the same thing as you, process of growing out from heat/lightening damage. I can't emphasis how amazingly life changing knowing how to manage/style my curls. Its been about 3 years that I can say I have way more good hair days, than bad. If you interested in learning about your curls and the methods, I would recommend searching "DevaCurl Method". And if you want to check out some curly transformation my Instagram is @abiwiththecurls

  18. I can’t even….you are so beautiful especially with this hair!!!

  19. omg so jealous! 90s vibes! I have the straightest hair ever 🙁

  20. not spon by ouai but could be, lol

  21. Your hair gives me life ? but I couldn't stop looking at your skin it looks hella good ?? ?

  22. OH MY GOD I ALMOST SCREAMED. Your hair is almost EXACTLY like mine including the length, style and type of curl. Yessss.

  23. It looks so good on you !!!!
    I used to have wavy (almost straight) hair, but over the years it became very curly and I'm loving it !!! (My hair is reaaaaally thick)

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