How I Healed My Low Back Pain Naturally: Part II


If you want to ease your low back pain naturally, then learn about the specific gears, supplements, books, and resources that helped Get-Fit Guy Ben Greenfield.

The Best Gear For Low Back Painlowbackpain

In addition to the infrared sauna I mentioned earlier, there are a few other key pieces of gear that I used on a daily basis to heal my low back naturally:

-Dr. Ho’s decompression belt. Sure this belt may have a cheesy name, but it allowed my spine to decompress and opened up the space between the vertebra, allowing for faster healing. I wore it several hours per day, particularly when in cars, sitting on airplanes and even standing at my desk.

-Biomat. The Biomat is a long, infrared light and heat producing mat that you can lay on with your knees slightly bent and with a pillow under your knees, which is exactly what I did each day as my back healed. Just 15-20 minutes a day of this type of heat therapy can be incredibly relaxing for your low back and assist with blood flow and healing. Unlke a regular heating pad, a Biomat does not produce large amounts of “dirty electricity” and also has the ability to “ground” or “earth” you, another healing modality described in detail in the excellent documentary Grounded.

-Inversion. Using either the yoga trapeze that I demonstrate here or an inversion table. I hung each day for five minutes to further decompress my spine and open my hips. Be careful with excessive inversion, which can place too much stress on the muscles around the spine, but used in moderation during a healing period, it is one more modality that adds up (along with these others) to heal the low back much more quickly.

The Best Supplements For Low Back Pain

While I certainly don’t believe that “popping pills” is going to fix low back pain, when combined with the other modalities in this article, adding some natural anti-inflammatories into the mix (while avoiding destroying yoru stomach lining with strategies such as ibuprofen or Advil) can accelerate the healing process and decrease pain significantly.

For this reason, during the course of my healing, I took 6 NatureFlex morning, and 6 NatureFlex in the evening. NatureFlex is a bone and joint formula that assists with rapid healing from hard workouts, injuries, stress fractures, and joint pain. You can read more about it here.

-BPC-157 or TB-500.  Known as “peptides”, these injectable compounds (which can also be taken orally) can aid in your healing. TB-500 has been known to be more effective than BPC-157, but TB-500 is also banned by WADA and by most sports organizations. BPC-157 is legal, and has no known side effects. Here is a helpful article on how to use and order BPC-157 and another article about TB-500.

-Transdermal magnesium. In the article “Why I Slather My Body With Magnesium Oil After Every Hard Workout,” I discuss how topical magnesium can be used to relax muscles, to remove some of the calcium buildup in or near a muscle that can result in stiffness and pain, and how it can assist with the anti-inflammatory process. During the course of my healing process, I personally smeared my low back with magnesium each night before I went to sleep.

I much prefer this natural way of healing than going through surgery and tons of medications.

The Best Books For Low Back Pain

Finally, in addition to “Becoming A Supple Leopard” and “True To Form,” books I already mentioned above there are a few other key books that I felt were crucial to my own low back healing.

First, I’d highly recommend you read “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender,” the book by Dr. David Hawkins that I review here. especially paying attention to the part about physical pain.

Second, read “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton. This book will teach you how to use emotions and positive belief patterns to heal your back, and keep you from getting into a cycle of thinking negatively as your body heals.

Finally, look up the author “John Sarno” on Amazon. He has an excellent series of books that teach you how a significant amount of muscle pain can be “in your head,” and what you can do about it.

Check out my Run With No Pain e-book.  Take time to go through it. There are clickable links to videos that will show you how to do particular exercises.  This was written to help eliminate lower back pain for athletes, and it should help you with that consistent discomfort you are feeling on your lower right back.

And it’s a wrap!

You might think it’s a lot, but believe me, I much prefer this natural way of healing than going through surgery and tons of medications.

If you have more questions, comments or feedback about how to heal your low back pain naturally, then you can join the conversation Below.