How I: Highlight + Contour | loveemanda

Makeup Breakdown:






Thank you for watching! I love you, xoxo


  1. May i ask which selftaner you use it looks Beyond flawless ???

  2. what contacts are you wearing?

  3. Hey Amanda! I noticed you contoured your nose differently in one of your recent snapchat stories. Can you make a separate video for that? I kinda have the same nose shape as you <3

  4. plsss do an eyeliner and eyebrow tutorial!! <3333

  5. new subscriber !!! Keep working dear!

  6. you are super pretty! I literally fail at make up… I'm that bad….. but hey add me on the snap @lilmissdarian…. i just made one and i am trying to get more friends

  7. You are soo pretty! Love the contacts, what brand and color are they?

  8. I love this look what camera do you use

  9. whats your ethnicity? your gorgeous!

  10. Where did you buy the LA girls concealers??

  11. seriously so gorgeous! love it.

  12. Omg. I need those LA Girl concealers!

  13. I love all your videos! Your soooooo beautiful! I'm excited to see more videos! ? and this video helped me a lot thanks!

  14. where did you buy your contacts???

  15. Ooo new background ☺️ looove you

  16. You are very talented this video was so detailed and I love how you didn't use a voice over. ?❤️ happy 2016 love

  17. Super helpful!! Thanks! 🙂

  18. you look so stunning ? your brows are freaking goals ?

  19. So gorgeous, you're channel grew so fast!! Keep it up!! ?

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