How I Style My Short Hair | Long Bob

Hey everyone! My first hair video, I’m no expert but these are my go to looks! Hope you enjoy!

Any requests for future videos I would love to know
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Thank you!! x


  1. I love your makeup and I have hair like you I love it

  2. Omg you're so FREAKING prettyyyy
    And btw love your hair

  3. I liked your video the moment you said try it without a mirror at 2:19. It's my story

  4. How do you get any hair part so that you can randomly flip it whenever u want



  6. Girl what highlighter and bronzer r u using?! ?

  7. wtf how much makeup have you applied? i cant focus on your hair tutorial coz of your shining face??

  8. How old is she??? She looks sooooo young!

    PS ilysm??

  9. T H A T. I S. N O T. S H O R T . H A I R. Y O U. H A V E. M E D I U M. L E N G T H. H A I R. I T. L I T E R A L L Y. G O E S. D O W N. P A S T. Y O U R. S H O U L D E R S.

  10. am algériens girl am si love you mooohhhh

  11. That's not a bob haircut boi.

  12. the mirror thing is so true , I feel you lol

  13. Can everybody stop bothering her with her hair length

  14. I've got the same curling wand as her ;-p nice!!!!

  15. i feel hideous watching this LOL shes so pretty

  16. I'm so glad I found this video. I'm growing my hair out and it isn't exactly super short but not long either, like hers. so this vid is perfect for me.

  17. This hairstyle look cute on her because she is pretty…but if i try it i would still look ugly af

  18. I can't get over the fact that she thinks her hair is short.

  19. How do you keep your skin so beautiful? It looks like you have no acne at all!!!

  20. I tried to curl my hair with a straightener & I ended up burning it off while on FaceTime with my boyfriend. That was on thanksgiving, & it’s still not fully grown ??

  21. When you get shorter hair can you do styling videos

  22. This girl looks like Shelby the gmnast

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