How I Wear: Crop Tops!

Today i show you how i like to wear crop tops! It is my favorite summer trend so i thought i would share it with all of you 🙂 Let me know which outfit is your favorite! xo

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for watching!!



  1. The style transformation from this too now (2017) is AMAZING!!!????

  2. That moment when you realize you are watching a video from 3 years ago and the outfits are still cute… props!

  3. I'm an emo piece of shit trash that makes fun of basic girls like this why am I here oml.

  4. The crop top with the roses and the black shorts was my favorite outfit

  5. I love the fourth one, it's so pretty?

  6. You are sooo beautiful ??

  7. Cool video, love it! <3
    You are sooo pretty.

  8. And I have the watermelon shorts but a little shorter

  9. She is girl like me and I do same way but I wear baggy crop tops and short shorts and sometimes skirts but I'M Skinner with a little bigger boobs

  10. Your figure is so perfect! I love you so soo much and your videos are really great <33
    Which song did you use? 🙂

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