How I Wear Knit Hats!

Today’s video is an extension of my I Love Fall Tag! A lot of you were asking how I wear the winter hats that I talked about in that video. This video is all about how I wear them! Hope it helps!!! 🙂

Thanks for watching!!


  1. I cant ever keep a hat on my head lol. It just falls off.

  2. I got those circle ones too ! I bought a bunch thinking they were beanies but when I wear them , I realized they were berets XP you wear them really well though.

  3. i wear a pom- pom beanie and when i use it, it makes my head look taller. idk if it's normal or not but i dont feel confident wearing it

  4. I tend to shove my hair in my hat as well ?. I thought I was the only one

  5. Thank youuuu I'm getting a job at Starbucks and they require that you wear a hat and I just can't wear hats ?

  6. i have a wool hat and it does not snow in where im from and im probably gonna wear them when i go to school and it rains. probably gonna ask for a smaller beanie for just going to malls.

  7. I look like a homeless person Or Where's Waldo… I guess hats aren't for me?

  8. 3:18 is my fav i do have a lot of these hats. it would be more fashionable to match the color with a scarf as well. long blinking earrings with these hats rock. i use very thin version for rainy days as well

  9. you are on vevo do it yourself with eva right

  10. Some people could just rock wearing hats but some just don't …. I look like a girl with no hair when I wear a hat …. Although I have long hair

  11. You know this is my first video I've watched from you.. I just realized my name is Tess and my mum's name is Christine. How lovely..

  12. How da fucking I get here I was watching pewdiepie and marzia

  13. hey, first thank you for the great video, second, quick question,  my hair is kind of thin, and when i try to wear these kinds of hats they sort of make it stick to the sides of my face, do it looks like i am half bald 🙁 , is there a fix for this do you know what i am doing wrong?

  14. Love how they look! My probably is that my head is small and the beanies don't stay on 🙁


  16. I have the "circle" hat. But since it so thin, it like literally bends over and it looks like a flat circle on my head. How do I fix this?

  17. Dude the circle hat style is so smart oh my gosh I'm going to start doing that!! Haha thanks for the inspiration!

  18. The wool hats are called beanies

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