How Important is Exercise, Really

Let’s try to understand how important is exercise. We’re all reminded constantly by the media, government campaigns, and health organizations that we need to do more physical activity. The problem is, does anyone actually take notice? Or do we simply return back to our sedentary lives, with the excuses that we have neither the time or the energy to embark on a new exercise regime. Unfortunately, far too many of us don’t take these health warnings seriously, and as a result we’re genuinely jeopardising our health. Understanding exactly why exercise is so important might give you the boost you need to actually make a difference. Here are some of the reasons as to why it really is that important.

Exercise Regularly

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Staying active helps to burn excess calories, and also build muscle. Muscle in the body helps to boost metabolism, as it allows the body to burn more calories at rest. This means it’s much easier to maintain a healthy size. Excess weight, especially belly fat comes along with many related health conditions, these include heart disease, diabetes, strokes, various cancers, hormonal issues and more. Staying active and keeping your weight down as a result of a healthy diet and physical activity means that you avoid all of these risks. Maintaining a healthy weight is also good for your self esteem. You’ll look and feel your best, avoid insecurities and be able to enjoy wearing the clothes and fashion items that you love.

Running Downhill

Staying Fit

It’s important to have some physical fitness to enable you to live your life to the fullest. If you’re out of breath simply climbing the stairs or jogging for the bus, then you’ll put yourself in lots of uncomfortable situations just by going about your day to day life. Exercise keeps you fit and strong. It means you can easily carry your grocery bags from the car to the kitchen, you can run around with your children, you can join your partner on a bike ride or book a venue and enjoy some dance classes with your friends! You won’t miss out simply because you’re unable to keep up with others. Exercise over time will strengthen your heart and lungs so that you can do these sorts of activities without even thinking about it.

10-Minute Core Workouts For Runners

Joint, Bone and Muscle Protection

As we reach our later years, healthy bones become absolutely vital. Older adults that fracture their pelvis have an incredibly low recovery rate, many die in hospital as a result. Issues like osteoporosis cause brittle bones which is incredibly dangerous at this stage in life. Exercise and a good diet in your younger years can build strong bones that are less vulnerable to the changes that happen to them later on. Strong muscles and joints that are flexible will prevent you from injuries in the here and now as well. Many adults suffer from back pain which can be debilitating, exercise and making good lifestyle choices can prevent this due to having strong muscles and not holding excess weight.