How Long Is Too Long When It Comes To Nails?

Yeah, long, spiky nails can look out-of-this-world, but we’re always left wondering like, ‘how will they… touch stuff’. Us regular people usually wash dishes, scrub stuff, make lunch, type stuff, have kids, have pets, etc, etc… Where do people that have these nails come from, and what does their day look like?!


Sure, this length is not unheard of:


Neither is this one:


Now, this one, though, and yeah, we get it, the design is astonishing and yes, like yourself we also WANT it, but the length… Is it possible to like, do stuff in the bathroom with them?


With these it is, we’ve tried it. We’re typing articles like this one with nails like this.

Imagine typing with these (amazing) babies here:


Other than being able to finally clean your keyboard, it might be quite the adventure to write a novel with these nails, right?

Or these green ones. We’re kinda losing it here, because the nail polish selection and that statement nail are absolutely awesome, but we can’t seem to decide whether a shorter nail would wreck the whole look.


This ones, I’ve seen. Like on people I know, they have them and they seem to be able to do stuff. And again, check out the design, it’s gorgeous:


Aaand, back at square one again: How?!


Now these are magical. Like, the Queen from Snow White magical. Fairy tale nails. Would the effect of that perfect red and glitter be the same on a short, cute nail? Not really. So just because these look so perfect, we totally forgive them.


We want them, actually. At least we’ll know what it’s like to type with them.

Myyy new babes???

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