How should I tuck in my shirt?

If the last time you tucked in your shirt was years ago, the art (that’s right, art!) of the shirt tuck now adds a subtle and fashion-forward detail to any outfit.


1. How to do the full-tuck:

For a streamlined look, tuck in your shirt completely. Do the full-tuck when you’re wearing a pencil skirt or a more formal button down blouse. Try out the denim-on-denim look with a chambray shirt tucked into your favorite pair of jeans. 

2. How to do the front-tuck:

This is the secret leg-lengthening trick that fashion-lovers everywhere have been trying out. Instead of tucking in your shirt all the way around your waist, take 3-4 inches of the front of your shirt and tuck the fabric into the front portion of your bottoms. The more of your waist your show off, the longer your legs will look.

3. How to do the side-tuck:

A side-tuck? Instead of tucking your shirt in the center of your waistline, try a tuck just above your hipbone. The side-tuck also works well with button-up shirts—just tuck in one side of your blouse!

These tuck-and-go tricks shouldn’t take longer than a second, so you can roll the door as soon as possible!


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