How To: 3 Quick Buns! | 5 minutes

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  1. Omg we twin I have long hair too

  2. I'm 8 and my hair is longer than yours in pigtails

  3. Those bones here in Puerto Rico are very popular?

  4. Hey laura, what do u do on ur hair, i mean the color is a balayage style babylights?
    The color is so perfect, wich colors do u use it 🙂

  5. These buns are so cute
    Love your videos so much

  6. I call the twisted bun and the crown bun

  7. love your hair long and beautiful

  8. Love these super easy messy buns! I have very long hair, so I think I can make these work! Love your spunky, fun attitude!

  9. Like 4 mins of talking get on with it?

  10. Love your quirkiness! You're a doll and I love watching your videos ^.^ <3

  11. I almost cried when the hairdryer fell xD

  12. when does it start omfg stop talking

  13. I loved it when you said 'OH LALALALAL

  14. Tutorial actually starts at 3.12

  15. I can't do a messy bun on my head and it really disappoints me. Messy buns are so cute. Yet I can't do it cause my hair is too dumb to even work. .___. #Flippinghairproblems

  16. What are some good, easy, general updos for girls whose hair looks really bad tight? Like a tight ponytail or bun looks bad on them? Namely, me? I can't put my hair in a tight updo. 😛 it's not flattering.

  17. I try so hard and I still can't do it

  18. I love all your random noises!

  19. where do you get you hairspray and all that at 🙂

  20. I tried all the messy buns today And FAIL ?
    I really like your make up in this tutorial u should do a video on this look ?

  21. Wish I'd seen these when I was pregnant before I chopped my hair off!

  22. Cute! Love that messy bun #2 😉 glad you're liking your Joico products. xx

  23. I'm trying so hard to do these, my hair is a liiiiiiil but longer than yours but I just cannot get it to stayyy on top of my head! Grr. Lol. Loved this though 🙂

  24. So first off let me juss say ur make up is always on point AND ur funny with a great personality, which is good cuz there's gurls dat do great make up as well but ur like okkk attitude problem lol
    But yeah this is probably really wierd but do u have a routine for keeing ur pits so nice lol, if yes can you please share? With products you use and stuff? Thanks!

  25. Love it thank you for that. I have long hair and live in Texas need I say more!!!!!!! It's just so hot to even think about wanting to put alot of time and effort into type hair. But these can work in so many different places

  26. ? I just noticed you are wearing an engagement ring! I was watching your 5 under 5 & paused when I noticed you wearing a ring! I had to go back in your vids & see where it first came about! No mention…. well not that you HAVE to mention it but OMG congrats!! So happy for you!

  27. Laura you saved my life I've been looking for a way to actually make my bun look good & you've done it girl ? no wonder you're my favorite YouTuber ??

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