How to Apply Acrylic on your Opposite Hand – 10 Pro Tips for Success

Suzie shares her Ten Tips on how to apply Acrylic Nails on your Non-Dominant or Opposite Hand. This is a detailed step by step tutorial.

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  1. merry christmas suzie.. do a christmas nail art video ?

  2. when i get my acrylic kit for xmas, i’m not going straight in with the nail forms. i’m using the trusty nail tip could you do a video with opposite hands with tips ?? xx

  3. suzie you are always great… thanks for the tips ..

  4. Great job Susie??? Beautiful like i knew it would be.

  5. I had to chuckle when you said you always offer your left hand to those who wish to look at your nails because I always do the exact same thing! I used to do my own acrylic nails when I was in cosmetology school back in the early 80s. My right hand has always caused me fits. Even now, I can barely polish my right hand or do even very simple nail art designs with stickers. My right hand always just sucks. Right now I have on a red glitter gel polish with little gold and silver nail stickers placed at the beginning of the free edge. My left hand is close to perfect, but my right hand is FAR from it. I was very careful with the gel polish, and it's VERY forgiving for polishing my right hand. But getting the stickers in the right place, on the right angle, is very difficult and so my right and left hands simply never really match. >sigh< Oh well. I try really hard.

  6. Happy holidays!!? Suzie, you are the most ,best encouraging, nail channel I watch. I have been watching you for two years maybe longer, very inspiring and your voice is beautiful like you and your demeanure….thank you to you and camera man!

  7. How do you know when a nail is too thick?

  8. For everyone who sees this… have a nice Christmas and a good New year!

  9. Yes been begging for this !!!

  10. How do you make everything look so easy

  11. Much needed tips! The opposite hand struggle is very real. I love your videos so much ❤️ Merry Christmas ??

  12. How do you feel about your Kupa e file?

  13. Hi Suzie I’ve been looking through your videos would it be possible for you to go through a step by step of how to prep a nail as I’m only practicing on friends and family and some of them are getting lifting I’m guessing this is down to my prep
    Thank you Kerri

  14. Damn, you're doing that so good! When I'm trying it it looks like a big drama XD

  15. Love LeChat polishes, but one thing I notice about them more than any other is they tend to transfer a lot, but that only matters if you're layering/using multiple colors

  16. Susie your amazing! I love this video thank you for the tips! Although I thought you would also be showing how you do the candy cane stripes nail art with your non dominant hand as well! Since I have a hard time with that. Please please show us how to do that design with your non dominant hand! I hope it be the next video!

  17. Thanks for the amazing tutorial, can you do the same for gel nails please??
    Can i use small beads and cure and add more while doing gel?

  18. Hi Suzie can you do a video on the difference between the old and new apex please and what type of nails work better with old vs new please and thank you ? also I hope you have a lovely Christmas ❤️

  19. I fined even if looks mess at end long has u have electric nail file u can file it away so looks good at end my opasit had looks lot worse then urs dose but electric file life saver at end of day xx

  20. Suzie I watch all your videos and it's a shame that the Asian guy who does my nails doesn't know what a nail form is I need you in Charleston SC so badly.. I think you are beyond Awesome

  21. You should try doing snow globe nails Suzie! They look awesome, and I bet you could totally rock that trend! ⛄️

  22. take a shot every time Suzie says "opposite hand"

  23. Ok so im making a white elephant gift and ended up finishing the paint job with a gel top coat which ended with a nice glossy finish XD lol

  24. I don't do nails, never have been interested in doing them but I watch ALL of these videos lol. Suzie's got the best personality and she's so talented it's just nice to watch even if it's not useful to me.

  25. Suzie, my nails have a very strong c curve, they're almost like little 'u' shapes. I tried to use a form and I ended up getting acrylic underneath all of my nails because the form wasn't sitting properly underneath my nail. Do you have any advice or tips I could use?

  26. Suzie I'm having a hard time getting the nail forms and the monomer there in Ontario,Canada can you help me?

  27. Oh my god I love your videos so much

  28. Great tips! It took me years to be able to do my none dominant hand flawlessly.

  29. Can I use vitamin-e oil for my cuticles?

  30. Love ur nails on the other hand!! Makes me want some candycanes!!

  31. Thank you for this lesson on doing your dominant hand because I struggle hard

  32. I've kinda always thought "oh I could probably do acrylics" but I never even thought about doing the other hand. You are an artist!!

  33. Thanks for sharing this useful tutorial ☺️?
    You are a wonderful teacher!!!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours ?✨
    …..Merry Christmas to the Cameraman too ?

  34. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who struggles to be graceful when working on my dominant hand. You are a gift. Thanks for these videos.

  35. When it’s 12 am you gotta be asleep cause you have work tomorrow but you digging the videos so you stay up xD

  36. Glad to know Im not the only one up this late!! At least I have something interesting to watch instead of informercials on cable. Thanks Suzie!!!

  37. I appreciate how real you are in showing that no matter how professional and well trained you are, there are still many obstacles to overcome and new products/techniques to learn. This is great advice for anyone learning to a well trained professional. ❤️❤️❤️ Happy holidays Suzie!

  38. Hi suzie and cameraman !!! Hope your holiday season is well so far and wish yous both a fabulous and fun , happy , heathy holiday whichever you celebrate and your surrounded by love ?. Thanks for the videos again appreciate all the variety you do even when u do a more technical and full on tutorial u tend to keep that soft humor and that’s so refreshing !! Love your channel !!

  39. You should try the snow globe nails like SimplyNailogical. Those were really cool and I feel like you could do them well!!

  40. 3 am tips! You're there when I need ya, Susie! Thank you.

  41. I love your videos!! They are so satisfying and well made! I literally watch them all day. Your my fav channel & ilysm!!! Thank you for being amazing!!!❤️❤️

  42. question: ive always heard "back third" for the apex. urs seems to be closer to the middle.. is this because of the opposite hand thing, or does ot even matter as long as its in the back half somewhere.. from an aspiring tech. ❤ your vids suzie, ur so informative!

  43. I would like to volunteer myself to be a hand model for your videos.

  44. Thats what im doing in my right hand , it really hard for me to do my own right hand , your amazing , love all your works.

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