How To Apply Eyeshadow- Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

There is a reason professionals use precise makeup brushes to create beautiful makeup looks that stun. If you have been finger painting your eyes and are confused about how to apply eyeshadow, here is a complete guide that will help you nail a smokey eye, cut crease, or any look you want within minutes using the proper technique.

Investing in a few good cosmetic brushes will help you apply makeup hygienically and with the precision that helps you create a clear and nicely blended eye makeup look. You don’t even have to break your bank account to find the right makeup brush, several affordable makeup brands sell very precise and professional eye makeup brushes. Also, you only need two or three right makeup brushes to apply eyeshadow correctly.

How To Apply Eyeshadow Correctly

Use The Right Makeup Brush

As compared to natural-fiber brushes, synthetic brushes are usually very affordable, easy-to-clean, and safe for allergies. Therefore, if you are looking for budget-friendly eyeshadow brushes, buy a synthetic fiber brush or brushes for makeup application.

A pricey makeup brush is for experts. If you are a beginner and don’t know much about makeup, it is best to stick with budget-friendly and beginner tools.

To learn how to apply eyeshadow, experiment with different brushes that you have. For eye makeup, you should have a crease brush, eye blender brush, smudge brush, and eye base brush.

All eyeshadow brushes collectively help you to put on makeup, if any of them is missing, it could be a reason you are unable to apply eyeshadow correctly and are hence reading a how-to apply eyeshadow article.

Apply A Base Eyeshadow On The Lid

Apply A Base Eyeshadow On The Lid

To make your eyeshadow stand out, and avoid light and smudged eyeshadow colors, you need to apply a base coat to your eyelids. Choose a neutral and bright eyeshadow base color after you have applied the primer.

For a more dramatic and deep eyeshadow look, you should choose a light gold, white, or a shade of silver eyeshadow as a base color.

To lightly and smoothly apply that when your eyelid is already a little wet and sticky because of primer, use a base brush to gently pat and spread the base eyeshadow on your eyelid. Spread it up to the brow bone.

If you are not sure how to apply an eyeshadow base using a base brush or you don’t have one, you can use your fingers to dab the eyelid and evenly spread it.

For a basic everyday look, only spread the eyeshadow to the crease, but for a dramatic and bold look, spread it to the brow bone because you’ll be covering most of this part of your eyelid with makeup.

Once you know how to apply eyeshadow base color to the eyelid, you can move on to the crease.

Add Depth With Crease

The eyeshadow looks you are going for stands out when you have added depth to your eyes.

To add a little dimension to your eyes, grab your crease brush and a dark color preferably a shade of brown or maroon, and rub a generous amount of eyeshadow into your crease. An e.l.f dome-shaped brush works like magic, but any crease brush works well with the crease.

Sweep the brush across the eye socket following the depth of your eye. Once you have blended out the fine lines and eyeshadow patches, move on to the next step on how to apply eyeshadow.

Dark colors add a lot of depth to the eyes as it is considered to be a light magnet. The depth achieved by dark colors allows users to let their eyes shine and pop. For all eye colors, a nude brown or dark brown non-shimmery eyeshadow is perfect for defining the crease.

Only if you have hooded eyes, defining the crease is not recommended.

If you have hooded eyes, you can either skip the crease makeup step or change it. To hooded eyes, you should apply crease makeup on an open eye. When your eyes are open, move your eyeshadow crease brush along with the socket where it is visible.

Cover your crease roughly while staying a little away from the brow bone. This will help open up your eyes and make them look bigger. Finish the crease makeup on the outermost corner of the eye by making a V shape touching your crease and the corner of your eye. This lengthens the eye and creates a cat-eye makeup look.

Take Your Time At Blending

You must have heard from professionals and experienced individuals that blending is the most essential part of eye makeup. How well-blended your makeup is the thing that can change the way your eyes look with makeup on.

Why apply one eyeshadow when you can apply two or more? The mixing of colors is what makes your eye makeup special. The blending makes your eyeshadow colors flow into one another without looking like two separate colors.

For example, if you want to go for a smokey eye and a bold look that combines grey and black, you should blend the two colors to look subtly merging into one another. That is how to apply eyeshadow and then blend it perfectly.

Some tips for good blending are:

  • Use a clean brush for blending and clean it if needed during blending by rubbing it gently on tissue paper.
  • Use a light hand when blending and hold the center of the brush loosely in your hand.
  • If you end up over blending the eyeshadow, no worries, apply some more eyeshadow and blend it or leave it as is.

Lash Line

Lashline is also important, and a nicely applied eyeliner can accentuate the natural shape and beauty of your eyes. However, some eyeshadow looks can look complete and perfect without eyeliner. In that case, you can put on some mascara, and you are good to go.

Once you have learned how to apply eyeshadow and have completed and blended your eyeshadow, you need to move onto the eyeliner on a smoothed eyeshadow. To define our eyelashes, think about what would look best with your eyeshade.

Cat eyeliner looks very trendy and chic, but it can be a struggle to apply it on hooded eyes perfectly. A winged eyeliner look never fails to stun, so depending on what you like and what goes with your outfit, apply your eyeliner.

If you don’t have eyeliner, use a dark black eyeshadow to lightly draw an angled liner. Merge this with your eyeshadow and that is how to apply eyeshadow.

Highlight With Shimmer

Now to add a pop of color, highlight your brow bone with a pale or shimmery eyeshadow. This step is optional, but it can uplift the shape of your eyebrows, making your eyeshadow look fine and super smooth. Lightly dip a flat eyeshadow brush in a shimmer and dust off excess, apply this just below your eyebrow and above the crease.

Finish the eye makeup look with mascara and you’re done!

How to apply eyeshadow to your eyes is not hard when you know the right technique to apply makeup.

Eyeshadow Tips And Tricks

Although you can master a perfect eyeshadow look with some guidance and practice, there are still many things that can go wrong. If you are wondering how to do all of it effortlessly and without any mistakes, here is how to apply eyeshadow while avoiding some common mistakes.

How To Apply Eye Shadow Primer

How To Apply Eye Shadow Primer

If you are confused about how to apply eyeshadow primer that helps you blend the eyeshadow later. To apply the eyeshadow primer, take some product on your clean fingertips and blend it on the eyelid. Apply the product as close to the lash line as possible. Spread it towards the brow bone and make sure that your skin has absorbed it.

How to apply eyeshadow primer is easy because you can use your fingers to do so or a brush to evenly spread it. If you know how to apply eyeshadow, applying eyeshadow primer is relatively easier.

You can apply some eyeshadow primer below the eye as well if you want to add some eyeshadow under the lower lash line to add dimension. And there you have an easy way on how to apply eyeshadow primer!

How To Apply Eyeshadow To Hooded Eyes

So, let’s look at how to apply eyeshadow to hooded eyes. If you have hooded eyes, it is not a good idea to stick to a normal eyeshadow tutorial because it won’t accentuate your eyes. For a super low crease, forget to do a crease makeup and jump to applying eyeshadow.

If you know how to apply eyeshadow across the entire eyelid and go a little above the crease, do it. Use colors to create your eyeshadow look and don’t worry about the crease. You should be fine.

Another how to apply eyeshadow to hooded eyes trick is to follow your natural bone structure. Observe the shape of your eyes. Play with some colors and use natural contours for your eyes, to figure out the right way of applying makeup, you’ll have to try different eyeshadow looks. The answer to how to apply eyeshadow to hooded eyes is in experimentation.

How To Apply Smokey Eyeshadow

If you want to know how to apply smokey eyeshadow, start with applying a mid-tone eyeshadow to the entire lid. You can opt for a grey, brown or nude color for the eyelid base color. Apply a gel eyeliner or an eyeliner of your choice and choose the colors you want to go with.

You might want to match your eyeshadow shades with your outfit. For example, golden eyeshadow stands out with a black dress that has a hint of gold or if you are wearing any golden accessories. Similarly, dark blue smokey eye with a dark blue dress is a very bold and excellent choice.

Choose 2 to 4 shades that you want to blend for a smokey eye. Now, let’s get to how to apply eyeshadow and how to apply smokey eyeshadow. Of the shades that you have selected, start with the lightest one applying a thick coat on the eyelid, similarly, the darker shade next to it and then another up to the end of the eyelid.

At this point, keep the eyeshadows separate and don’t start blending. Make sure the eyeshadow touches your lash line, all the way up to the crease and a thick amount of it is present on your eyelid. If needed, reapply the light eyeshadow color. Once you have all the colors in a row, start blending at the point or points where they merge into another.

When the eyeshadow looks smooth and well blended, move onto the liner or a dark charcoal eyeshadow to draw winged eyeliner. Apply 3-4 coats of lash mascara for a dramatic look and if you like, add a little bright shimmer in the middle of the eyelid for some dimension. If you don’t know how to apply eyeshadow shimmer at the end with a brush or are afraid you might mess up the eyeshadow, you can also use your fingers to do that. That is how to apply smokey eyeshadow and the look is complete.

How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow

How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadow is a cheat way to do a smokey eye and is relatively easier to apply than a powder eyeshadow because it sticks easily to the eyelid and doesn’t always require you to use a cosmetic brush.

Here is how to apply cream eyeshadow: simply cover your eyelid with cream eyeshadow and let it sit on your eye. A long-wear cream eyeshadow of any color blended with the gel eyeliner can make a quick and simple smokey eye that looks effortless and flawless.

If you don’t know how to apply cream eyeshadow, read the instructions on the product, and follow them. Usually, a flat eyeshadow brush works fine for cream eyeshadow as well as other eyeshadow palettes. Now you know how to apply cream eyeshadow.

How To Apply Glitter Eyeshadow

Here is how to apply glitter eyeshadow. Glitter eyeshadow is usually applied after you have completed an eye makeup look such as smokey eye, cut crease, or any other. If you don’t know how to apply glitter eyeshadow, the glitter eyeshadow goes in the middle of the eyelid where you use the tip of your finger to apply glitter in the middle from the lash line all the way up to the crease.

With a taping motion make the glitter sit on the top of your eyelid. The glitter eyeshadow part is optional, but it is one of the best ways to make simple eye makeup look flawless and exceptional.

Now you have learned how to apply glitter eyeshadow and some tricks and tips on how to apply eyeshadow.