How to Apply Nail Forms and Glitter Acrylic Tutorial

Hi guys! Thank you for patiently waiting for this video, I hadn’t been able to upload because I was out of town for work, then I came back home and had to evacuate due to hurricane Irma. Thankfully, we are ok but it was super scary. I hope you all enjoy this video and that it’s helpful. Love you guys





  1. I would love to see a french fade!

  2. Wait, why would it be important to add oil to the cuticles?

  3. Ur videos are great..but this set looks real bulky before filing..which means u do more work filing.which is never the mix though…maybe try small beads when working with ur designs though!

  4. i always love your videos .. but this is waayyyy to thick for me??

  5. I love you videos! Keep it up! Don't listen to the haters your content is amazing! ???

  6. Great work! We all have good days and another, not too good days. I love all the nails you have done!

  7. Beautiful work…please don't flood the cuticle with acrylic…from one nail tech to another…try tilting your hands down so it won't flood the cuticle…and they won't end up chunky in some places…you would have a more even flow of acrylic throw out the nail….love your work hun..keep up the great work

  8. Hi I enjoyed watching this video and I love the color of the acrylic. I think you did a excellent job on your nail. This was a great review and tutorial.

  9. Quiero ser modelo para un set de uñas que debo hacer?

  10. The purple is indeed super nice!!!

  11. one of the best nail techs on here!!
    now I wish you can teach a few other "nail techs" on youtube how to actually do nails correctly. not going to drop any names but it can get frustrating.
    but anywho the glitter is absolutely stunning. can't stop looking at your nails!! ❤

  12. I adore the color and the application was flawless. I love the after pictures of the nails. Thank u so much for sharing

  13. I love your videos! I was wondering why you don't encapsulate the entire nail? Is that something I should do? Tfs

  14. Hola. Me podrías decir cual es la marca de tu torno. Gracias

  15. ??no shipping to Australia ??

  16. Yaasss!!! Another video!!! ❤️❤️

  17. Been waiting for you to drop a new video. Yaaaassss ???????

  18. I loved them! Excellent job…. I want to thank you for being real, i mean… In the last training course i took they told me:
    #1 that if you left your papaer towel dirty there's something you are doing wrong
    And #2 you should encapsulate all the nail with 1 pearl and from cuticule to the end, and never with the same brush
    I mean i do it more like you but i felt that i was doing it wrong taking little pearls if needed and using the drill to get it perfect etc
    So thank you for not trying to be a master on your videos and being so good at it with out demanding more than natural moves (like when doing thumb)❤

  19. Muy lindas pero no se ve bien lo q haces pon la cam arriba q enfoq hacia abajo y acercalo porfa ????? saludos desde medellin colombia

  20. I loved how they came out. So pretty. Thanks, this video was very informative.

  21. Your videos seriously help me a lot! ☺️❤️

  22. So gorgeous and I got my order in!! ?????

  23. Omg much better!! I was wondering about that awkward silence. Lol Mistakes are ok hun. You didn't have to delete the video. I'm a perfectionist too though. So, I totally get it! 😉

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