How to Avoid a Hangover | Fit or Fiction

Can you avoid a hangover? Whether it’s eggnog, Champagne, or mulled wine, one thing’s certain — there is a lot more drinking going on this time of year. So much so, that there are also a lot of hangovers happening among all the merriment. Before you head to your next party or open up that wine bottle sitting on your counter, we advise that you watch this. Preventing a holiday hangover is much easier than you think (and doesn’t have to involve you giving up booze)!


  1. How about you not drink so much?! Lol Just a thought

  2. The problem with having water or lots of food before or during drinking is that it reduces the alcohol buzz, defeating the purpose. I make sure I'm not completely dehydrated but that's it. If you drinking, make the drink count!

  3. A large (500 ml atleast) sugary drink – not soda! – works wonders, cures me almost instantly. Either go with lemonade or (my favorite) watermelon juice.

  4. Drink a lot of water the day of your party starting in the morning. Gives you a leg up.

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