How to Avoid Pregnancy


Sometimes, even the most careful of measures can backfire, due to human error or a product error. It can be scary discovering you are pregnant, when you don’t want the pregnancy. However, there are many options for how to prevent pregnancy at home and all is not lost. Some home remedies can effectively prevent a pregnancy, offering a means of how to stop pregnancy without abortion.


Herbs and plants are used not only for cooking or in beauty parlors. Many herbs have been known to serve as contraceptive methods. Parsley is one of the natural methods for preventing pregnancy. It is easily available and can be used in preparation of tea. There are no side effects, as it is a mild method for how to avoid pregnancy after marriage. There are also other herbs like cotton root bark and Angelica or Dong Quai, which are natural remedies for how to prevent pregnancy at home. Dong Quai stimulates the uterine contractions, so it is very useful in case you are looking for solutions to how to avoid pregnancy after missing period.

Other foods that can help in how to stop pregnancy after marriage are ripe papayas, drinking ginger tea, pepper juice, and a concoction made of fenugreek seeds.

Other herbs include Mugword or Indian Wormwood, Spearmint or Pennyroyal, Blue Cohosh, Black Cohosh, dried figs, papaya, Wild carrot seeds, Stoneseed Root and Jack in the Pulpit herbs, among others. These herbs can be used effectively and naturally for how to stop pregnancy without abortion.

Contraceptive Pills

Contraceptive Pills are an option, but they are synthetic products and could harm you in the long run. Natural remedies are definitely better while considering how to avoid pregnancy after marriage.

Avoid Pregnancy after Missing Periods

In case of women who have not got their periods for a month or so, it might cause tension. However, there are ways for those looking for how to avoid pregnancy after mission period. Aspirin can be taken and the periods start again. Take two aspirins in about half a cup of water, crush it and mix it well before taking it. However, the solution might not always work. You can also consider taking some hot or spicy food. This will produce a lot of heat in the body and will start the periodic cycle at once. It can be a great remedy for those looking at how to stop pregnancy without abortion.

Pineapple is a tasty option that can help you get periods immediately if you have missed one. Take two or three glasses of the juice in your diet daily. You can also take the fruit raw and derive the same benefits.

Vitamin C

Another option would be to take Vitamin C. It is an excellent option for how to avoid pregnancy after missing period or delayed periods. Select fruits that contain Vitamin C and start taking them. Vitamin C produces a lot of estrogen in your body along the uterine lining. This will result in contractions and will result in menstrual bleeding or beginning of periods. In addition to fruits containing Vitamin C, you can also take high doses of Vitamin C supplement pills in order to get periods immediately.