How To Avoid Smudging Your Nail Art!

Ever wonder how I create perfect manis without having my top coat smear and smudge them? Today I’ll be sharing my secrets!

Products Used:

  • Formula X – Infatuated
  • OPI – Shorts Story
  • Formula X – Dark Matter
  • And of course… Essie’s Good To Go Top Coat!


  1. I really should invest in a good top coat

  2. Tip 1 : Never shake ur nails or blow ur nails while drying, it can smudge or make clumps on ur nails

  3. Even after an hour and a super light hand, my topcoat still smudges my nail art -.-

  4. How dare she call my works of art……"LITTLE"

    Lol ?

  5. I think I heard her say dab


  7. I smudged my nail all the time and I mean ALL the time but this really helped but i still smuge my nail but over all this helped a lot keep it up 😉

  8. Nail goals ??❤️❤️ My Nails are long and good but one question!Everyday i have dirt behin the tip of the nail and its soo hard to clean ?? Have you got some tipps? And sorry if my english is not the best,i'm from Germany

  9. the NOOOOOOO bit kinda scared me

  10. My main problem isn't the smudging with the topcoat, but the smudging after I put it on… Even if I wait a day before putting on fast drying topcoat, it somehow softens the whole design and I end up smudging the whole thing anyways ?o xango de baker street filme completo

  11. who else came here from the butterfly nails

  12. She must be the most patient woman in the world!

  13. How long do I wait if I want to apply tape after my base color?

  14. I do dots over mine. probably why it smudged last night.

  15. This video has helped me so much!!!!!


  17. love them I did it on my nails awsome

  18. How are you supposed to read a book

  19. Thank you so much for this video..?now i will never smudge my hard work..?❤❤❤I Love This Video…

  20. gasp NOOOOOOOOOO! That made me laugh, and my family is now worried about me..

  21. when painting my nails, hair is my worst enemy!

  22. yes yes yes yes! This worked so well!

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