How To Back Fill/Repair Lifted Nails Like a PRO

Hi guys! Thank you for watching my video, I hope you find it helpful since it was a highly requested video.


I used a fine carbide bit to remove the gel top coat, the lifted parts, and also the stone work. To remove shine from the natural nails I used a fine sanding band. Both tools I used are off-brand, you can easily find them online on eBay or amazon, just type in fine carbide bits and fine sanding bands, they all work.



  1. Hey what gel top coat would u recommend which shine lasts like youve just done them?xx

  2. Que estupidez, mejor retirar todo y volver a aplicar. O sea prácticamente le dejo solamente la punta

  3. love it's very beautifull ? ? ? ? angélique

  4. What size brush is that and where I can buy the same. Many Thanks

  5. I love the nail work and the glitter dust 'we call it fairy dust????

  6. You you did just a good job on these nails I love them.

  7. What brush do you use? Do you have a link to purchase them?

  8. hi, I am curious what speed are you using when you file? thanks

  9. omg these are absolutely gorgeous!!??

  10. When you remove the lifted parts what speed do you have your drill at?


  12. FAIRY DUST GLITTER ????? beautiful set ?

  13. Idk why I started blinking my eyes while you were drilling like the dust is really gonna get in my eye???

  14. Lovely nails and I am so glad she didn't hurt herself much worse with the drawer incident. Love your videos!

  15. Are the nail techs in nail salons required to get updated dated training? The fill I tend to get doesn't last 2 weeks before I need another.

  16. Amazing like always! ? ?

  17. This looks like glue on nails, they should've been removed entirely.

  18. She really needed a completely new set,why didn't you just give her one?

  19. I love your work. Which electric file do you use? And what grit is your carbite bits?

  20. do you buy the primers an stuff from ebay too? like the link

  21. Camila u do a wonderful job in nails

  22. Can you do a video about rose quartz nails on acrylic nails

  23. I adore the sugar glitter!

  24. I have a quick question about how you keep the stones from not coming off? I apply a bit of glue but after a few days my clients say they lose them. Puzzled…..Love your videos by the way. 🙂

  25. Can you make a video on how you store your brushes and how to clean them. I always love my acrylic the first day I get a new brush.

  26. You're work it's always so perfect! ?
    Make a video about the e-file, how to use it and also another about structure and cuticle application. Please!!!

  27. Love your videos, wished you uploaded more !

  28. beautiful ?, you are my favorite nail channel on YouTube.
    sending love from South African ☺

  29. I love watching her work. Does anyone know why she wears gloves? That's unusual & I don't think I've seen that before. Is there something I missed?

  30. this is soooooo beautiful! love from the netherlands xxx

  31. Did you do an ombre french originally or is that just a natural tip with cover pink? thanks

  32. Muy bonitas. Great work ??were do you buy your brushes and how do you clean them. I'm having trouble finding a good brush and when I clean them they go very fat in the bristles and they start to absorb to much monomer ;(

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