How to Bobby Pin a Ponytail Wrap

Today we’ve got a quick video going over my tips and tricks for how to hide your pony tail hair elastic without pain & in a way that will stay in place. Bobby pins can be hard to work with, but I hope this little hack will help you out!

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  1. Something about the purple backdrop was magical! Made you look even more gorgeous and glowy!

  2. You would think I would had figured out not to pin the fine whips ends, but the thicker part by now… But no 😀 Can't wait to try this tomorrow!
    Is there any way you could link to your sweater directly and not just to I neeeeeed it in my life, but can't seem to find it 🙁

  3. Do a video on short fine hair xxx

  4. Pls make a video for hairlines..
    I have deep deep hairlines ??
    I have thick hair but when I make a ponytail or bun the hairline show up and ruin my hairstyles :(((

    Thank you before Kayley,
    Really love your videos, xo from Indonesia?

  5. Can you do a fall clothing hall please!!!!

  6. Litteraly I can't even make a good ponytail…

  7. @kaylee I'd LOVE to see more heatless styles – heatless curls, styles that look good on any texture hair, etc

  8. Where you buy the wigs of game of trones

  9. Gosh Kayley, you are too adorable <3 Loved this video! Thanks, dear!

  10. Omg…finally i know…u hv no idea how much i struggle …thank u ..thank u thank u

  11. How do you get rid of all of those ridges/bumps in a ponytail? Like, I can pull my hair back, but then all of the hair near my scalp is bumpy. I have straight, thin, hair that a little longer than my shoulders

  12. Wow, thank you! I have struggled with this issue forever. Can't wait to wrap my next ponytail. 🙂

  13. Brilliant! Thanks so much. I always use a ton of hairspray plus a mini bobby pin to try to keep it wrapped, but this method seems much better. Have a great day!

  14. She inspires me because of big for head

  15. Can you pretty pretty please do an Ulta gorgeous hair event picks video??!! Like if want this too!!

  16. this was so helpful! thank you kayley!!! and I love how causal you were in the video like you showed a friend and not do a full glam bam video to present and impress. I love it most when your personality shines through! ?

  17. Thank You Kayley!! I needed this so bad!!

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