How to Build Your Wardrobe with BASICS | MAKE A Basic OUTFIT GLAM ! CLOTHING HACKS

Hello loves! Today I am sharing with you guys my tips to build your wardrobe with basics and make a basic outfit glam! I am also sharing some clothing hacks you need to know ! Simple clothing hacks to make any outfit glam!!


  1. My favorite trend is lace up things like leggings and body suits

  2. high waisted jeansss ??? love you so muchhhh ❤❤

  3. can anyone pleaaase tell the song in the intro

  4. crop tops & high waist shorts/jeans are my favorite trend

  5. I serioulsy just found her channel and i have watched every single video! Im in loovvee<3

  6. What's the name of the intro song??

  7. my fav trend is high waisted things with crop tops

  8. I like the wearing all black trend. Idk it's just so simple and pretty:)

  9. You should totally do a tutorial on this makeup look ? & amazing video as always ?

  10. is it just me….or is she really, really, really ANNOYING????

  11. thanks for the tips 🙂 follow me @miimiz013

  12. Hey I love u and ur channel but that bag is not holographic it's shiny silver

  13. Love these hacks! I'm trying to get used to wearing heels but I feel so loud when I wear them and feel like everyone would stare at me? Love your videos and personality especially your workout clothes keep doing what you're doing love you!❤?

  14. Ur my favorite youtuber ever!!! LOVE ALL YOUR VIDS !!! thank you thank you thank you for everything

  15. who liked the video before it started????

  16. My Faviorite trend is probably layers

  17. There are NOTHING glam! 😀 U better google / wikipedia glam…

  18. what is your lipstick?? it's bomb??

  19. hey nicoletta.. you are really pretty.
    i love your videos.. please do more of beauty hacks

  20. please!! stop it! the noise of the click!! it's good one time or 2, but all the vid?!?! I love your vids but I can't watch them like that.

  21. I am so late 🙁 love it so much nicole <3 editing on point !

  22. love your hair in this video!!! <3 <3 can you do a tutorial?

  23. It's official!! You are my new favorite youtuber?

  24. Ok wait wait wait… wat lipstick is dat at th beginning ????

  25. I have most of the clothes that were in this video TWINSIES ?

  26. My favourite trend at the moment is the dusty pink trend because its super pretty and can be very feminine!

  27. love you babe ❤❤❤❤❤xxxxx

  28. the cape trend is just so cool.

  29. cropped hoddie is my fave trend right now

  30. I've a question about fitness. Can I take honey instead of sugar in juices. Plss reply cuz I luv u n ur videos. ?❤

  31. My favourite trend is the fish net

  32. your collection of heels is just A mazing…..???

  33. your collection of heels is just A mazing…..??

  34. Totally loved this video too..these hacks are such a blessing to me.. thankyou?? ily❤

  35. I love the velvet trend!! so pretty. Love you Nicoletta you are so awesome!! 🙂

  36. omg this video made my birthday special love you?

  37. Chokers are my favorite trend rn!! ?♥️

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