How to Clean Your Nail Art Brushes!


  1. Does this also work with gel polish? ☺

  2. if we dont have any remover or thinner what we do?

  3. What if you don't have thinner or remover? What else can I use

  4. the nail polish on my brush does not want to come off no matter what I do! please help!

  5. You can rehydrate your brushes using olive oil or cheap nail oil

  6. I have the same blue nail striper

  7. can you tell me where I could get the tools for nail art.

  8. I have a problem if I can not find it I will not be able to get the brash clean

  9. thanks for the videoΒ 
    gotta try this out

  10. i've always hated to use the nail art remover half of my bushes ruined πŸ™ so im really glad i saw this video u saved me :"""") thank you so much ur videos are the best ????????

  11. Wow, what an amazing collection.Β  I my hubby has told me I've got enough, and I've only just started.Β  Love them all.

  12. not to be mean but why dont u ever post? n i kno u hve other nail designs but i really would like it if there were more…

  13. I love your channel it's so helpful I love to paint nails also.

  14. Can you do a DYI video how to make a brush make out of a pen please

  15. Thanks so much!Β  I don't remember anyone saying to use thinner but it makes sense.Β  I use remover and it does make the brushes very stiff.Β  Looking forward to getting thinner.

  16. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚Β  I ruined I don't know how many brushes πŸ™Β  This is really helpful <3

  17. Can you do a nail design using your nail art brushes please

  18. hi hannah what editing software do you use

  19. First comment πŸ™‚ Hey Hannah. I have trouble doing a french mani. Can you help?

  20. Awesome video! Can u do a easy beginner nail art plz ILY

  21. Definitely going to try this! I'm so tired of being scared of using my nail art brushes because they always get ruined ! Thank you so much!<3

  22. New video! Come watch to see how I clean my nail art brushes! πŸ™‚

  23. I've been using nail polish remover, and it works perfectly! But I guess, this would be another technique. But it's a very helpful video!!!

  24. Do u know wat store I could get the nail polish thinner

  25. I heard if you do use makeup remover, afterwards, you wet the brush with water so the brush doesn't dry up.

  26. Where can you buy the thinner from? Or rather what brand?

  27. this is so great I always ruin my brushes thanks!

  28. I just bought these awesome nail art brushes on amazon for really cheap but literally yesterday I tried cleaning then and it didn't work! Thanks so much for this video!

  29. Do you have any recommendations for the best brands of nail polish remover? Whenever I use the drugstore brands, it takes a while to get my polish off. I once used some that someone else owned that was very strong and it worked really well. I recently got some from Orly, but I haven't tried it yet. Thanks!

  30. This is so helpful! Thank you! I also have trouble getting all the polish off of the brush when I use remover.

  31. ah thank you! Everyone seems to use nail varnish remover when cleaning brushes and it had always just destroyed mine, I thought I was doing something wrong!


  33. i like this video but i was expecting another nail design πŸ™

  34. I always used remover and didn't knoe it can ruin my brushes. I hope I can find thinner somewhere but it'll be hard since I live in Poland πŸ™

  35. Where can I purchase really thin brushes?

  36. Where did/can you get brushes? I recently just ordered dotting tools and striping tape!

  37. I have a question? Can acrylic nail art brushes still work for nail art?

  38. You can also use remover and then water

  39. I love that neon green that you removed from the brush! What's it called? Or is it an acrylic paint?Β 

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