How to Contour and Highlight || For Beginners

Hello my lovelies! Today I decided to do a little tutorial on how to contour and highlight your face! I haven’t seen any ‘toned down’ versions of the Kim K glamorous and full contour routine so I decided to film one myself, it’s perfect for just a regular day as it’s not using huge amounts of product, hope you enjoy!


  • Revolution Contour Kit
  • MaxFactor Ageless Elixir Foundation
  • MUA Setting Powder
  • Christian Dior Highlighter


  1. Wow, this is actually quite easy ! Definitely trying that soon, thank you 🙂

  2. When I heard u talk I subscribed idk why??

  3. She said her nose was too thin…..

  4. She looks perfect so she doesn't even need to contour ?

  5. what was the song at the beginning?

  6. NOW I KNOW WHY DONALD TRUMP HAS SUCH YELLOW SKIN!!!! He uses the wrong contour! Good to know.

  7. can you make more make up tutorials

  8. Mobile comments are so messed up

  9. Love this tutorial, perfect !!! just the kind of vid I was looking for!x

  10. Do you have a link for your brush?

  11. It looks very natural.

  12. she mentioned super drug thankyou thats where my kit is from!!

  13. the options you have for contouring is either a contouring palette or foundation right? or can you use highlighter and concealer also?

  14. Any drugstore contour kits for darker skin?

  15. ياخي اعشقتس

  16. Do I have to use foundation before contouring?

  17. I could never contour this well ?

  18. omg I have exact same contour pallete x x

  19. What product did you put on before you started the contouring ?

  20. what is the name of the product on final step?

  21. Do you put your foundation on before or after contouring?

  22. I swear she was a god in her other life.

  23. How do you figure out what shades you should be using to best match your skin tone?

  24. your lipstick/lipgloss looks amazing – what is it?

  25. I love this tutorial and honestly some of you need need to stop getting so emotional because nobody cares about your oppion and there's nothing wrong with makeup.If you love make them love it not everything is a big deal

  26. brilliant video would you ever do a video on sleek illuminator

  27. I'm very impatient with blending ?

  28. I  really enjoy your videos and how you do things really awesome !!

  29. Thank you!! It was very easy to understand 🙂

  30. i love this!!! so excited to try it 😀

  31. Crazy!! Can't believe how much effort some girls go to with makeup. She's naturally beautiful and I understand she highlighting her features, but just seems such effort.

  32. no highlight for me, the highlight is my skin color..T.T

  33. Do you put your contour/highlight on after foundation and powder?

  34. I just use a lip color and that's it …but whatever be the reason I liked u'r video …

  35. This helped me so much , thankyou xx

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