How To Cook The Perfect Rice – Gordon Ramsay


  1. Asian people is more expert and good than your rice gordon? haha. Peace. No hate.

  2. Gordon Ramsey is crazy, there is no such thing as "perfect" cooked rice because different countries have different standards when it comes to cooking rice. East and SE Asian countries prefer rice clumpy or sticky and plain unseasoned. Gordon's rice for me Asian is undercooked, it looks very course, dry and lacks water.

  3. Im Done For Did He Just Say Double The Rice Wen The Water Is Absorbed Y Did He Say It At The End Of The Video

    ""Dont Take Lid Off""
    Me:Takes Lid Off Every 2 Secs To Check!!

  4. How is this plain white rice if he seasoned it with spices? Never trust a non asian with rice… i respect you, gordon ramsay… you are my culinary god… but, when it comes to rice, you will never beat an asian… XD

  5. I am Asian, the way he cooks rice is very unique, its rare for us(Asian) to put star anis and pods in rice, we put pandan leave(like ribbon style), its make rice fragnant. If rice is nearly cooked, put pandan leave above the rice. And don't forget to wash the rice properly or do it by washing it in four to five times to free from dirt. Some other, boil it in rice cooker because its free from being burned. If you don't have rice cooker, its okay to cook it like Gordon Ramsay, but put your stove in light heat to prevent rice being burned. Sorry for my grammar. ?

  6. I cant understand the extras he said, can someone write it please?

  7. I ate rice all my life and I've never seen a person used a strainer when washing rice until I saw this

  8. Gordon, its not cooked….its still wet..

  9. Oh my God is this where that bitch got the idea to how to Cook perfect rice?

  10. He had pissed off all of my asian ancestors in just one video.

  11. non asian people: ooooOooOOhh so that’s how you do it

  12. Jesus Christ these Westerners haven't heard of rice cookers

  13. Tangina daming arte ng burat na kanluranin na 'to. Eh daig ka pa ng pinsan kong 5yrs old eh. Mas magaling pa magsaing 'yon sa'yo

  14. the rice looked soggy and sticky. he should have soaked it for 20 mins and drained out the starch – its the removal of as much of the starch that keeps rice grains separate and fluffy. a drop of lemon and teaspoon of oil helps as well. not that i would ever say this to gordon face to face – i value my balls too much! lol 🙂

  15. What an idiotic way of cooking rice and for sure it’s not cooked to much water not perfect at all????

  16. My Puerto Rican rice is the only rice that comes out perfect but my white rice is terrible man wtf ?

  17. I live in a country where rice is eaten with every meal and I don't even know how to cook it manually. Most people here own rice cookers.

  18. Lmao he did very well but its still wet to much water. But its good enough for someone who’s not an asian.

  19. Gordon does not know how to cook rice and it’s freaking wet like its wet

  20. You don’t need this when your Asian

  21. Too much internet for today ?

  22. before I watched this video I never thought cooking rice could be so easy! thx chef!

  23. go to asia ill teach you how to properly cook rice!!

  24. I am fuckin asian we ate rice at breakfast, lunch & dinner and I tell you those rice are not properly cooked! Also who the fuck put star anise and black pepper on steamed rice?! Are you on crack? Lol….. better to put pandan leaves or lemon grass but not star anise! Lol

  25. his rice looks disgusting like baby food puree, all wet and gooey. this is supposed to be a top chef? no wonder england is known for its shit food

  26. Nice try but, But definitely not the right way to cook rice.

  27. Why did I watch this after I f****d up the rice?

  28. why is he always in a hurry, damn Gordon where u going

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