How to Corset Braid for Long & Short Hair!

Here’s how to do a corset braid on long or short hair! This hair tutorial will work on all hair lengths (as long as you can braid it!).

I love this corset braided hairstyle! I think styling your hair with extra elements and textures is a huge thing for 2017, and this is so versatile. It’s cute half up half down, but it would also be great in an updo. Also, I hope you guys enjoy mixing short hairstyles and long hairstyles together! There are so many times you can do both!

Products Mentioned

  • Leather Cord: Michaels Arts and Crafts
  • White Cord: Michaels Arts and Crafts

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  1. lovely hairstyles! only thing is that I dont have so much hair on the crown of my head to make those braids… Do you have any tips on using extension when creating braids on the top of your head? thanks love <3

  2. Love it? from where can I get the cored?

  3. I really like the second hairstyle. I may have to give it a try.

  4. this is unique.. but so awesome.. i can totally use this for school.. ???

  5. Now, I dont know your hair is short or long?

  6. Where do u buy the cord? Love your hair btw and you! ?

  7. Hi Kayley, I love you videos! I was wondering if you have had the chance to try the Sleep Styler rollers I keep seeing ads for–I would love if you would do a review of them as a heartless curl option!!!!

  8. Wow… Wait a second there. So you have long or short hair ? they both look so real it is messing up with my head right now

  9. I love your hairstyles♡♡♡

  10. How can your short hair wig looks so much similar to your real hair?

  11. Love your nail color! What is it? ??

  12. Right now I'm at the awkward stage inbetween long and short hair. Because I had a short bob, once my front hair reached my shoulders, I went to cut it all to the same length, so it was so short again! Getting so frustrated by how long it takes!

  13. Can you do back to school hair styles please! XOXO ❤

  14. who's watching this without socks?

  15. I love how much fun you seem to be having on this video 😀

  16. Can you please do curly hair tutorials for back to school?


  18. Woowww!! It's so pretty! Please do the s7 daenerys hair in ep3.. looks beautiful.

  19. I recently cut my hair short and love that I can still find new hairstyles on your channel ?
    Greetings from Germany

  20. The short one looks so weird, but I like the long one.

  21. I don't like it. Maybe the cord was a different color…

  22. You look SO cute in the short wig ?

  23. I cant believe i saw it only now

  24. What could you suggest using instead of blunt plastic needle? maybe a classic pin would work?

  25. Strange how real that short wig looks…

  26. Please can you do a super fine hair tutorial xxx lysm ?

  27. I think long version looks better 🙂

  28. Loved both of them! ? Can't decide wich one to try out first

  29. I would love a wig how to video. Your wigs look so natural on- would love to see how you achieve that.

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