HOW TO: Create a Puff on Short Natural Hair

Hey! The puff is a really popular style and I figured out a technique to fake it with my short hair! I hope this was helpful and I hope you all can do it! Thanks for watching and for your support with my channel!

NOTE* This style obviously won’t work if you have a TWA. It is just an alternative if you don’t have really long hair that can be put into a puff just by simply using a head band and wrapping ur around. I tried it and couldn’t do that with this length, but this worked for me and that’s why I shared it!


  1. Hi i am sorry i am off topic but where did you get your Drawers? from that showing in the back ground thanks

  2. Oml I hate when y’all say your hair is short

  3. thought you said short hair. nvm I'm out

  4. When you make a video on short hair but don’t have short hair ?

  5. Your hair isn’t short it’s really pretty and I loved this tutorial it really came in handy

  6. I remember I watched this video about 2 years ago when my hair was hard to put in a puff

  7. I liked how you used bobby pins. What a genius idea. Thanks.

  8. how do you know when its time to trim you hair ?

  9. Shes so lazy she had to put Bobby pins in her hair

  10. It looks that your hair have all the 4 types even C.
    My hair really looks like yours so it helped me so damn much! she's my fav!

  11. the elastic hurts my head is there anyway for it not to do that but still get the same style?

  12. I think me any got the same hair length

  13. please, where did you get the wrap band that u put around your hair when you got ready? and can I get one in london

  14. your prettier without makeup in my opinion your beautiful

  15. Finally someone with my length ???? yessss!!!! Puff Twins

  16. I'm so glad I came across your channel remind me of myself and I love your personality <3

  17. If it worked on anybody can someone reply to me that it work

  18. Your hair isn't short but I think I can do that style I mean my friend hair is longer than yours and your puff is bigger than hers u have beautiful hair ???

  19. thanks so helpfully Im trying to go natural that's why I'm watching these types of Videos

  20. nice video! I also did one on puffs! I love the outcome! and never thought of using that mesh wrap to wrap my hair! ?? I'm a new youtubwe and a new subbie!

  21. Awwwwww ur eyes are beautiful ma <3 ur hair is pretty ,ur pretty aswell ,u go girl

  22. I meant using the Bobby pins

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