How to Curl Your Lashes The BEST Way!

Tired of stick straight lashes that won’t hold curl and droop down after a couple minutes? NO MORE! With this quick tip your lashes will look beautifully curled all day long! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

Thanks so much for watching, I love you! ♡


  1. The heat also damages them. Just like hair

  2. any waterproof mascara keeps your lashes up all day and I have straight lashes as well

  3. one time my grandma did this and her eyelashes came out with the cURLER

  4. do you keep the little black rubber thing on it

  5. No we can't see you have no eyelashes

  6. can someone link me where can I buy the mascara she used and her curler? Plz

  7. Guys what do i do if my lashes are falling off? I don't even curl my lashes or mascaras daily…..

  8. what color is on your lips!! I need it!

  9. This technique looks amazing, but wouldn't that make split ends on our lashes like it does on our hair? I'm curious..?

  10. what brand is your eyelash curler.. thank you

  11. What eyelash curler are you using?

  12. by doing it everyday, does it burn your eyelashes off or?

  13. Hey there!

    What is the name of the mascara you use?

  14. u r so funny and cute i luv u soooo much nikkie

  15. I'm lucky because I was born with natural really thick and long dark eyelashes. Sometimes it's kind of hard to tell if I put mascara on or curled them.

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