How to Deal with Dry Eyes


How to Deal with Dry Eyes


If you suffer from dry eyes on a regular basis, start adding more bananas to your diet! Bananas are rich in potassium, a mineral that can help relieve dry eye. Other great sources of potassium include kidney beans, potatoes, raisins, and avocados.


If your eyes are dry, get them wet! Several times a day, place a warm damp washcloth over your eyes for five minutes at a time. It soothes the dryness and itchiness, can add much-needed moisture, and can even stimulate tear production. You can also alternate with saturated chamomile teabags.

No Antihistamines

You’ve got dry, itchy eyes—must be allergies, right? Not necessarily. If you’re used to taking an antihistamine to help your eyes, you may be making the problem worse, since antihistamines will cause additional dryness. Ask your doc what’s causing your symptoms.

Wear Sunglasses

To help preserve the natural moisture in your eyes, be sure to wear sunglasses when you’re outside—no matter what the season—especially when it’s breezy or windy. Wind can dry out and irritate your eyes. Wearing sunglasses is a simple preventative measure; plus, it adds a fashionable touch to your look! (Likewise, you’ll want to avoid other blowing sources of air in your home—this could include a hair dryer, fan, heat vent, or air-conditioner.)

Just Add Water

A lack of humidity in the air can make dry eyes even worse, but there’s an easy and cheap way to increase humidity in your home, particularly in winter. Just place some pans of water near your radiators. The radiators will speed evaporation, adding much-needed moisture to your air and providing relief.

Try Onion

People who have dry eyes don’t produce enough natural tears to keep the eyeball moisturized. But it’s not necessary to think of something sad to make you cry—an onion will do the trick! Take a room-temperature onion (a refrigerated onion is less likely to cause tears), and cut off a slice. Hold it near your face until you start producing tears. It may not be the most pleasant solution, but it sure works like magic.

Don’t Forget to Blink

Be sure to add a “blink break” into your day! If your job involves sitting in front of the computer for hours each day, you may be making your dry eyes even worse. That’s because we blink less often when staring at the screen, so it’s important to take a few minutes now and then to look around and give your eyes a break. Blinking consciously helps keep your eyes comfortable and moisturized.

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