How to Do a Star Braid on Natural Hair | ELLE

Braid artist Guin Gui shows us how to do a star braid on singer Kitty Cash.

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  1. is there a way to do this without the weave? i hate all that weave stuff

  2. Please do my hair (pretty please)

  3. 1:43 ya girl trying not to cry cause she on camera…beautiful hair style in the end tho!

  4. I really want to try this with my own hair but I feel like I'm offending African people. I'm Asian (Filipino) and I really don't want to be offensive towards other people's culture.

  5. Why are all of her videos so dam fast, guess she doesn't want people to try it

  6. Preciosa esa trenza me gustaría trabajar co tus técnicas un saludo

  7. I have one question can a poc pls tell me is it ok if I a white person do braids because my whole life my mum did braids on my head I have thick dark hair but it's not kinky at all it curly but a driffernet curl and I love these styles e.g. The one in the video but I know it's not mind. I see white girls with there hair done In tight braids. Can I do it or Is it offensive because I don't wanna offend anyone or clai, something mine. I'm 14 and would like to know ❤️

  8. idk why but these videos are satisfying

  9. Can you do this with Caucasian wavy hair

  10. Half of y'all in the comment don't even know how to cornrow or dutch braid but you want to learn how to do this. ?⚰

  11. how did the hair get long it was just Short

  12. damn this is straight up art

  13. She's so cute and beautiful as well

  14. How is this natural if you're adding synthetic hair?

  15. omg…and i think i'm talented when i manage to make ponytale lol

  16. Good vid just a bit too fast try to actually show us how to do da hairstyle

  17. I can do the sammee! 🙂 jk i can only do the normal french/dutch braids 😀

  18. esta genial por Dios como haces las divisiones por favor explicarme

  19. oh my god!So BEATIFUL!congratulations!

  20. Parabéns!! Ficou lindooo

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