Hi Loves! I Hope you all enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it for you. If you would like me to make a tutorial showing you how to shape stilettos please let me know on the comments down below.

Here is the list of products:


  1. it's very beautifull ? ? ? ? ????angélique ?

  2. Red tips would've been so much easier

  3. Why there is space between acrylic and cuticle? It looks like old manicure.

  4. I love your channel. You are so talented! ❤️

  5. Super Nice design! Can you guess Please Check out my account, I am a starting nail tech on YouTube ??? so please show me some love ???

  6. How do you not get acrylic stick in your brush with the application? I try the same application and love it, but always find a tiny bit of acrylic left in my brush after each finger application

  7. wow, love them! you got down with this set!

  8. Can you do a video on the carbide bits you use?

  9. Can you do an in depth video on hard gel extensions please and thank you (:

  10. Hii what gel top coat woukd u recommend which shine lasts? Pleasee get back to mee as i could really do with some good recommendations xx

  11. where did you buy your detail brush plz??

  12. Cheetahs just have spots, this is leopard haha 🙂 love the effect with the glitter base instead of plain creme colours!

  13. They are absolutely gorgeous and so elegant, You always make some beautiful designs….. Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful design and many Blessings to you and your family as well????
    HAPPY 4TH of JULY ????

  14. U r soo talented! How long have u been doing acrylic nails pls?

  15. They're not cheetah spots. They're leopard btw. Also.. wasn't sure about the red blobs until you encapsulated them with clear. Pretty!

  16. I'm from tampa, and I will love to have my nails done with you, where is your business located at?

  17. Wow!! I love and admire your work! These are so beautiful! I personally use red tips ?? i have trouble making the red bright enough with the colored acrylic and it coming out too thick ? so i just use the red nail tips ?.

  18. Wow q bellas… ??? hey can you tell me the proper name for the those little plates the triangle plzzz thank you..

  19. AWESOME, just luv the way they look…great job, TFS

  20. I love this design and am obsessed with your nail color

  21. Beautiful!! Would love to see an overlay!

  22. Now those are some sexy nails! My friends would get SICK of me and my constant hand gestures for no damn reason just to show my nails off =D

  23. Could you make a video on how to shape stilettos and almond

  24. So are these Christian Louboutin nails?

  25. U do great pretty and stunning nails . How old are u?

  26. I personally really love the look of a flatter nail the way you do it (though I would pinch just a tiny but) but I'm sooo worried about the durability of your clients' nails with such a lack of an apex… how long do they last for you? do clients come back to you with snapped off nails a lot?

  27. I don't understand how anyone could give this video a thumbs down this is such a dam good beautiful design so so pretty love the look WOW ???

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