How To: Double Dutch Braid || Kim K Inspired


  1. she reminds me of perrie from little mix

  2. Wow! You have beautiful hair ??

  3. YAAAAS ! i did it , it's kinda easy but i feel so proud XD btw thanks for the tuto ♥

  4. à partir de ce vidéo j'ai la fait facilement ??

  5. Am I the only person that can't do it :/

  6. Ugh the thing is I have thick hair and you have thin which is the problem!

  7. OMG you are just super snuggums cute! Angelic face. 🙂

  8. never Nice happy look

  9. it s much harder for the girls with short arms. They are really hurts me , I can t do it :((

  10. My arms are really tired and I can't do it.. it makes me want to cry ?

  11. You explained too fast and I wasn't able to follow along :/

  12. hoe can u do you r nair my daughter can not fo tjat nairstiyl?

  13. Me: my arms is killing me!!
    Me: you know what? I give up

    Anybody else that is always like this

  14. Her: Grabs a piece of hair
    Me: How she do that? I can't even.

  15. It is the best tutorial about Dino Braids

  16. after looking at the comments, i thought i couldnt do it… then after two tries, i actually did it???? i feel so accomplished

  17. I have been sitting here trying to do this for almost an hour now and instead of getting beautiful braids I got a headache. Why is this so difficult for me????

  18. who agrees that this is so hard ? ?


  20. i did this with bangs it looks hella better just part your bangs and it loos cute af

  21. I am way to lazy to actually even stand and do this hairstyle. So, how am i gonna do…found a way….hanging from the side of my bed and braiding my hair! Easier…and more helpful too! <3 Try it, it actually worked for me.

  22. 52 seconds, did she get possessed! XD

  23. i need longer and stronger arms..

  24. I watched 2 minutes of the video and gave up

  25. If you want to borrow from the culture, big lips, big hips, "double Dutch" braids, also borrow the criminality assumed of black people, defend our rights. If you want our culture, defend it too & know where things originated. I'm not coming for the girl in the video, I'm coming at everyone who has a nasty comment about a black person who is outraged because of the constant theft of our culture.

  26. is it just me or no one else can do this????

  27. Есть ли тут РУССКИЕ ???

  28. Is there anyone who can actually do this?

  29. This actually helped me so much when I didn't know how to braid!! But now I'm experienced and can do fishtail braids, Dutch braids and French braid ❤️

  30. No matter how hard i try, i can never do this. So frustrated i wanna cry. My sister stopped doing them for me. Im left to do it on my own now.

  31. Uhmm… yeah no. I'm not even gonna try to attempt this.

  32. Am i the only one who can make braids on someones else hair, but could never make anything on mine? ???

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