How To Dutch Braid for Beginners hair tutorial!

Here’s a hair tutorial on how to dutch braid for beginners! A lot of the hairstyles on my channel include this braid, so I thought it was about time I showed you how to do it!

I wanted to make this braid easy to understand and learn how to do. So whether you’re a beginner or brushing up on your skills, you can benefit from this video! A dutch braid is essentially an inside out French Braid, but the hand motions are different. It also creates 3d braids instead of a zipper like braid in a Frenchbraid. I hope this helps you master your braiding skills!

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  1. First step: don't have back pains or any other handicap.
    Second step: done.

  2. Why does it look so easy when she's doin it but when I try oh god know the hell im doin ?

  3. Ok it looks so easy I hope I can do it

  4. Finally learned how to dutch braid on myself!! Your have best hair tutorials! (I'm a guy with long hair)

  5. Thank thank loved it how u explaid it i finaly did it…. love it

  6. This is the best dutch braid tutorial I’ve ever watched!!!

  7. Am I the only one who finds it way easier to braid under?

  8. still have no idea what im doin god

  9. Thank you so much this was a lot of help

  10. Mhm mhm yeah I still have no idea how to dutch braid

  11. i'm never going to get this ?

  12. Thanks to you I can now go to school in a different hairstyle instead of a plain old high ponytail. Luv you

  13. You are so good at explaining things I love your videos ?!!!

  14. OMG … THANKS
    This helped me a lot…
    And I adore you KAYLEY?

  15. winner of worlds worst explaing

  16. ive spent so long trying to find a tutorial that makes sense to me… and this FINALLY helped it click. thank you so much for posting& breaking it down for me.

  17. i've watched so many dutch braids and this is probably one of the most helpful but i still can't braid like when i braid it it isn't in the shape i wanton my head i just have to admit i'm never gonna do it

  18. When I do this my hair gets tangled and knoty

  19. OMG LIKE LITERALLY! your braid game is on fleek and just by following the "big picture" tutorial I managed to pull off a decent braid! Now it's just a matter of practice. Thank you so much! <3

  20. Oh my gosh! at last somebody took the time to explain the details ? thank you!

  21. Ok this is the best hair tutorial ever ! Thank you so much !! 😀

  22. star wars is beter then star trek

  23. Love your hair tutorials! I am learning so much quicker than with other tutorials. And I love the geek references!

  24. You are honestly so amazing and never stop making videos! Love you ^^

  25. I love your videos so so much but when I tried your star track technique I just couldn't do it… I don't know if it's just me but my fingers just can't make that hand position

  26. Your amazing at explaining

  27. Kayley, I love how you explain braids to me like I am a kindergartener. because when I try to braid it looks like a fire garbage disaster and I need a ten-minute explanation of every braid (this is not sarcasm I really suck)

  28. This helps me soo much ??thank you so much love you ?

  29. Thank you!!! I'm over 30 years old and for the very first time I was able to braid my hair!!!!! Now i will continue trying your hair styles!!!

  30. I can't do the live long and prosper thing, not even slightly ?

  31. Can u make a tutorial for how to French braid as well?! IM SO BAD WITH HAIR LOL ?

  32. Wow this was really clear for me, thank you

  33. OMG! This helped me so much!! I loved it, you explained perfectly. ❤️❤️

  34. Ay it's the girl teddy from good luck charli!?

  35. That limbo word helped me ?

  36. Thank you for breaking it down to the little details! Will try this!

  37. I love this braids, I will try this at home.

  38. I literally died I can't do this ?? I was so frustrated I wanted to scream ????

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