How To: Dutch/French Braid Your Own Hair | Carli Bybel

Hiii!! I feel like these braids are everywhere right now! I love it 🙂 I have seen a bunch of requests ever since I posted a pic a few weeks ago. It’s so funny because I used to be one of those people who didn’t understand how someone could braid their own hair. After trying a bunch of times.. it finally came to me!! I hope this tutorial helps anyone trying to learn. If you learn LET ME KNOW!! I love when you guys give me feedback. Love you guys so much! XOXO Carli

*This is all my hair. It has grown a redicilous amount in the past few years. what I do to keep my hair healthy. I I french braid my hair after every shower. If I am lazy – a regular braid will do. I love doing this because it allows it to air dry in soft waves. It also creates less frizz then if I were to air dry. Thanks to my keratin of course. As much as I love the Keratin treatments i’ve gotten the past few years, I feel like it may be one of the reasons for my eczema. I have been on a crazy mission to figure out how and when it all started. I’m not saying definitely but it could be one of the factors. My skin is so sensitive so I am looking into it further. I will keep you guys updated in my next video!!! I hope you enjoy XOX

Products Used:

  • FOR FRENCH BRAIDS: Same technique – instead of going under the middle piece you go over the middle piece!
  • Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray (only bc I didn’t have a lightweight hairspray *thats unpacked* or water bottle 😉
  • Spornette Smoothing Brush
  • Comb – it’s from Walgreens in store!
  • Small black hair ties also from in store!


  1. i tried it and it started looking really good,but then i started to get confused about what go's where and my arms got really tired,i don't see how u do it so perfect!

  2. Omg this helped so much thx ??

  3. wtf i love this butttttttt omggggg i cant do it

  4. Legit about to do it like a normal braid?????

  5. you are so cool that I am going to subscribe you yay ?

  6. It worked ?? thank you so much ?

  7. YESS I did it finally!! It takes so many tries, Thanks so much for this video ?

  8. I am physically useless when it comes to my hair I also broke my iPad trying this….Good video btwand help me retain my usefulness (idc if that's not a word)

  9. Thank you so much! Ever since i watched this, I've been doing dutch braids almost every day!

  10. I've bin trying to learn how to do these and it's so hard I'm so frustrated and mad ?

  11. I just don't get it…

  12. Weird how I also take showers mostly at night and braid my hair, so when I wake up its nice and wavy.

  13. My hair is in a big knot. Please help.

  14. I tried this. Loose patience. Do simple braids. Still messy.

  15. Great video, but here's what I took out of this. I accomplished nothing but:
    •an arm ache
    •tangled hair
    •almost breaking my brush out of anger
    Can you please give a tutorial on how to keep your hair from getting tangled? I have long thin hair, so I don't really know if that will make it easy or not… Thanks!

  16. i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I love love love your top!!! Anyone know where its from??

  18. YA I GOT IT RIGHT but my arms feel so numb. ……… oh wait they fell off

    I'm typing with my nose?

  19. ukw , uh talk so much, thats fucking irritating!

  20. I tried it and it looks amazing. Thanks SO much!?

  21. Tired so many times and it always failed, then I wet all my hair and it worked

  22. I'm 13 and I didn't really know how to properly French braid and this tutorial thought me as I was doing and omg i'm so proud of myself my hair is down to my but so it was really hard but so worth it thank youu ?

  23. Hope this works lol hope I can do it ?

  24. To all of the ladies struggling with it, please don't give up. It takes practice. A lot of it. It helps if you visualize it so you know where the finger placement works best for you. Just imagine a regular braid. With regular braids you go over right? This is the same thing just go under. If your arms get tiered hold the strands with one hand. Then, relax the free arm. All good things come with practice and determination. This is a good video.

  25. My braiding hair routine
    20 min: watching and understanding video
    1 hr: trying to do braid
    30 min: crying
    20 min: untangling hair
    15 min: massaging arms

  26. This is a great video I just give up halfway through the braid and my hair ends up looking like a tornado so ?

  27. I felt like I had muscles after the arm ache??

  28. I know I know I spelled the words wrong before someone says something


  30. It looks really easy watching other people doing it but when you are doing it yourself(for beginners) is really hard. 🙁

  31. it's not carli's fault I cant do this either but you just gotta try again, just pick yourself up because every single person here can accomplish anything

  32. it's not carli's fault I cant do this either but you just gotta try again, just pick yourself up because every single person here can accomplish anything

  33. There is absolutely NO WAY I'm gonna be able to do that!

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