How to: Easy Crown Braid


  1. Has she does the Leia Hoth Braids? I would love to see those!

  2. I'm pretty adept at most braids and can do a neat crown braid on someone else but if I try to plait it myself… Soooooo bad. I don't know why but for some reason I can't do the hand change over right. It's so frustrating because I don't know anyone who can do it for me, my mum can't even do a simple three strand braid down my back! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! 🙁

  3. I got the base down, I just need to figure out how to braid my hair up or down and when I fold it over my head, it doesn't need to do that weird bumpy stick out thing. Idk how to explain it, but I'm gonna get it to work. Just would be wonderful if I had some thicker hair ?

  4. She makes it look so easy ?

  5. I mean you should have at least explained ???

  6. I have three degrees and I cant' even do this….

  7. How to: "Easy Crown Braid"

    Video starts: You need to create two Dutch Braids
    Me: HAHAHAHA That's a good one. I can barely even do a french braid.

  8. This is an amazingly easy tutorial! I always try to do a crown braid but it never ends up good but this is so simple! Thank you so much for all your great tips! I especially love the one about doing whatever you need to do to make you feel confident!! And might I add you are just so gorgeous!!! ?

  9. This is the easiest crown braid tutorial I've ever seen! It's crazy when I see people go like around the whole entire head in one braid..that's so hard! This one I can actually do with my medium/short length hair!

  10. I have too much hair for this. If I did thinner strands, I'd be braiding one side for an hour.

  11. Aw, I miss this hair color on you!

  12. I love this method of doing the crown braid!! The common way, where you sweep all your hair to one side & start braiding, looked like an ugly comb-over, to me. Plus, where I started on "the common way" always gave me a headache. There's no tension on 1 side, with this way.

  13. This reminds me of Princess Leia's hair in Empire Strikes Back

  14. You made this look so easy. French braids are no problem for me. Dutch braids make my fingers feel backwards and clumsy. Braiding up?? Well, at least you gave me an idea on how to braid up. Maybe I'll be able to manage it. Upbraiding looks to be the hardest part. Let's do it! <3

  15. Dose anyone think that it would work with French braids instead of Dutch braids

  16. My hairs so short I'm gonna die

  17. P.S. Guys Dutch braids are just upsilons French braids. Take the pieces underneath instead of on top

  18. I like they way yours looks better than the others!!!!

  19. I love this crown braid!! You make hard, beautiful hairstyles so easy ???

  20. can I do this to curly frizzy short hair ?

  21. Can i make a braid crown with regular braids

  22. It worked for me i tryed it and it came out good for me.I am so happy

  23. Very pretty! Looking forward to trying it out. Thank you!

  24. I wonder if guys are dazzled at how we do hair

  25. This was the most helpful video on how to do a crown braid and thankfully mine turned out so good! Thanks for the help!

  26. When I hear "Dutch braids" at 0:14. I immediately closed the video. I suck at braids. 🙁

  27. I love this. I can do the usual crown braid, the continuous one around the head but this looks easier and less likely to fall apart so I'm gonna give this a try. Everyone in college is always like "you wear your hair differently so much howwwww" and I'm like "hours and hours on YouTube because I have no talent" ????

  28. huuuuh white girls keep stealing out hair styles its not even neat…

  29. Tough at first, but practice makes perfect. Great video, not easy, but it just takes some practice like I said. Thanks!

  30. I'm currently trying to do this and I keep on losing my place in the braid oml why does this happen to me

  31. Diooooooooos, que lindo peinado me encantó ósea a parte te ves igual a la princesa Leiaa! DIVINAAA
    Att: VaLeE LÓpHexZ

  32. I may be good at makeup. I may be good at fashion. But if there is one thing I completely and utterly fail at…it's hairstyles :c

  33. It's easier not to part you hair and just continue braiding all the way around. It looks a little better too.

  34. My character Elena wears her hair almost exactly like this, this video was very useful for me from a character design standpoint, I am able to clearly see the process of a crown braid. Thank you

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