How to: Easy Mermaid Fishtail Braid!

I’m wearing 3 wefts of extensions in the nape of my neck to add a little volume. They’re the FoxyLocks superior set that I’ve dyed to match my hair.

I hope you love it!

  • Nail Polish: Julep’s Lissa


  1. Oh my gosh this is so cool and pretty!!! Love it

  2. I love this hairstyle but I have failed to do it for so many times. Whenever I get to the part near the bottom of my ears, they are kind of loose. Therefore, when I pull the hair to the side and continue braiding, the hair around my left ear stick out awkwardly. I am so frustrated…

  3. its essentially a french fishtail braid

  4. Hello Kayley!!! I simply love how you can transform a simple braid into a work of art. I have a question/task. Recently I watched a YouTube video for a woven mermaid braid executed by a hairdresser and I was wondering if you could make such a video. Thanks!

  5. you look a little bit like Lindsay Lohan

  6. This video is old but I just happened to come across and it was SO helpful! I absolutely love this look and you do a great job explaining how to do it!

  7. i love your hair! how long is it?

  8. ☺ I'm planning to grow my hair down to a little below my chest, and right now it's half-way past it, so I'm dying to try this! Thank you! ☺

  9. I love ur videos ,but my problem is that my hair are too wild. I mean whenever i try any braids it kinda turns out messy. So if you could recommend any thing that i could use to tame my hair a little bit before braiding them ?

  10. Hey :-)how did you color your hair from Brown to blond again? 😮 i really want to do that but i dont want to destroy my hair structure… What would you recommend? ?❤️

    (btw I love you, you're so beautiful, I love your voice, you explain everything so well and you make it look so easy too hahah)

  12. You look just like Bridgett mendler!! ?

  13. Hi Kayley! I love your videos. Do you think this style will work with bang? I would love to do sth like this on my wedding day but I am also a big bangs lover.Please, what do you think? 

  14. next week i'm going to a convention and i'm going as alice in wonderland. would you do a tutorial on a hairstyle for me that is inspired by alice? your idea's are awesome!!!! sorry i'm not really good in english. thanks!!!

  15. beautiful mermaid braid. im goin to try it out for long hair cuz i have long and thick hair. hopefully i get more practice til i get use to it. anyways im black.

  16. Soo beautiful and easy to do 🙂 thank you :*

  17. Where do you learn all your hairstyles from? !

  18. I've tried this yesterday and really loved it. It is really easy, even more than I thought when I first watched the video!! The only issue is that I have layers and that my hair tented to escape during the evening. any advice on how to avoid that?

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