How To: Easy Smokey cat Eye | Jaclyn Hill

Here is how to do a smokey cat eye!

Morphe 25A Palette
RCMA Translucent Powder
Loreal Carbon Black Mascara
flutter “Intoxicating” Lashes
Marc Jacobs Omega Lash

M433 – Blending Brush
M506 – Small precise Blending
E47 – What I use to sculpt with powder
M432 – Small lower lash line definer
Beauty Sponge – My favorite one at the moment

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  1. "Gonna get in nice n tight k? Nice n tight…we gon get it poppiinnn…"

  2. Love how you teach! I always learn something new from you!

  3. I woulda liked it if she did it on just one eye so we could see the difference tbh

  4. The way you talk, so fast like ??.. I like

  5. Dude, the lashes really tied together this whole look, I’m shook.

  6. I doubt you'll ever see this message but please if you do tell me what kind of gloss you have on your lips, please. You are absolutely beautiful I definitely admire you!!

  7. U are amazing thank u so much for what u do I am a big fan of u ? luv u !

  8. I really appreciate the detail. Not overwhelmed, here! <3

  9. Love the lipgloss/lipstick- what colours are they?

  10. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Bob Ross of makeup

  11. Thank you. Just thank you for everything.

  12. I'd like to watch your amazing work but I just can't! you're so loud, Jacklyn ?

  13. Would this work on mature eyes that are starting to become hooded??? I love this!

  14. Oh my GOSH your eyes are soooooooo pretty I'm so jealous ??????

  15. Love your technique and the look you create. But oh boy you talk a lot ?

  16. This is legit the only smokey eye that works for my eye shape thank you. I can’t pull off anything close to my inner corner other than a light shimmer and all halo eyes and dark smokeys loom like raccoons on me. Then I saw this, and I tried it, and it looked pretty good for my eye shape, which is like kindoflike an almond but way to wide vertically. Thx for this look!

  17. the color of your eyes are like beautifully amazing

  18. Hello! What is the brand of your lipgloss, please?

  19. I love you Jaclyn. Ignore the haters, always!

  20. You're really good and hilarious I laughed a lot lol

  21. So if this is Smokey eye for dummies I need Smokey eye for Neanderthal lol. We'll see if I can achieve this tonight

  22. you are absolutly beautiful Jaclyn

  23. Thank you for making this video!! It helped me out so much and I'm going to make this my everyday makeup look! 🙂

  24. Jaclyn!!!!!!we love you!!!!!!!please come back!!!!!!!!we want to see you with more tutorials!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. One of my fav videos!!! I use your stamping trick every time I do my makeup (the only way I can do my wing without wanting to die) and it is literally genius!!! I also love that you kinda teach as you do your makeup, which is awesome!!! THANK YOU for spreading your knowledge!!! Xoxo

  26. Haha this girl funny, and really beautiful to

  27. Beautiful! I'm still so happy I found you.

  28. Your such a great teacher! I love how you did your eyes! Goregous!!!!

  29. Love it! Just found my 21st birthday look! ♥

  30. Hi! How would you do that smokey eye with eyelash extensions? I have trouble to go near my lash line

  31. You make everything super easy to follow, love your sense of humor and fun personality. Thanks for sharing your talent!

  32. I can’t for the life of me put on false lashes :/

  33. ?????????. ????????
    OMG !! Thank you! I always wanted to create a smoky look and you just absolutely explained everything I need to know !

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