How To : Eyebrow Tutorial | Everything You Need To Know

Hey guys! so today I filmed this requested video on how I groom my eyebrows and I thought I’d include a few tips and tricks in there too for anyone who’s interested, hope I helped!!


  1. I love makeup. which is the color of your hair? <3

  2. back to when you were 18

    It's so kind of you to this most youtubers don't do this btw congratz with your 1mill subscribers???? I would like to win the urban decay palets or the skincare products since I have a really bad skin just a few weeks before my wedding??

    I will make an twitter account on the nam lizzz_morozv
    my instagram account is : @lizzz_morozv

    xoxo liza ❤❤

  3. Can I ask how long did it take for your nose ring to heal and what did you clean it with ❤️

  4. Why I'm not pretty like you ? :C

  5. You are so gorgeous and your accent is perfect. I wish I could be like you!
    xoxo from Belgium.

  6. You. Are. Gorgeous! :O love your videos.

  7. you are absolutely gorgeous. i can't believe how perfect you are. you are definately my role model and inspiration. xoxo

  8. You are absolutely stunning, I very much wish I had your eyebrow shape.

  9.  I know there's this note that flashes on the screen if you vote at, but I only voted for you. :)) Good Luck

  10. i love your videos because you dont use all the expensive make up keep going !<3

  11. love love love this i recently uploaded an eyebrow tutorial and its my first what ya think ? 🙂


  12. Learned some new things(-: thx for the video! I love your eyes. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Could you do a tutorial on lana del reys make-up? think that would be cool 🙂
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  14. Really helpful! 🙂 I always get lazy with my eyebrows, because it hurts so much to pluck them (it even bleeds sometimes o.o) Mine are very full too (cara delevigne style ^^) and I'm always scared to overpluck like that one time when I nearly lost half of my right eyebrow 😀 

  15. Well done beautiful! You have great brows and stunning features. DEM EYEZ

  16. Feeling happy that I am that subscriber :'D xxx

  17. you are amazing i'm really happy to find your channel =)

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