How to FAKE a Nose Job! Nose Contouring Tutorial

Contouring your nose can be a struggle! Today I’ll be showing you some tricks to really make your nose look slim, small and defined.. an instant nose job without the pain! Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!


Luxie Beauty 182 Nose Perfector Brush
Kevyn Aucoin Medium Sculpting Powder ‣ Here
NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder “Snow” ‣ Here
Charlotte Tilbury Air-Brush Flawless Finish Micro Powder “Fair” ‣ Here
Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette “Solstice”
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  1. why dont you contour your nose anymore

  2. omg love that back ground it's beautiful!

  3. would love to see your tutorial on this eyelook it is beautiful! ?

  4. everytime i do my nose contouring i erase the whole foundation on my nose!!!

  5. You're such a cool person. Thank you for introducing and teaching a 42yrs old woman (me) make up. Never used it before, but with you it's sooooo much fun. Thanks cutie!!!

  6. Nikki's nose is already so small??

  7. you look like your hand touched the wall of a coal mine and then you scratched your nose on both sides!

  8. nikki u r amazing I wish you do my make up pls tell me when u coming in canada

  9. Zag je bij Eva Jinek, echt super leuk en goede tips. Na 1 filmpje is mijn contour zo veel mooier geworden! Ook te gek om te zien hoe je je ontwikkeld hebt van een meisje die filmpjes maakte tot een expert met een internationale uitstraling. Ga zo door, ik ben fan!

  10. Personally I think it looks better before, but you did a really good job on it 🙂

  11. how do you get to stick the powder on beauty blend!! help! lol

  12. my nose cannot be contour it's uncontourabel

  13. Ur nose dose not need cont. maybe if u did it on model other face cause honestly its better before u did

  14. How long does it take to do all your makeup everyday? Xxx

  15. Amaz! I have a tiny nose but I know some of my clients like to have their noses look smaller so I will for sure use this technique!

  16. beautiful … love u from the Gulf.

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