How to Fall in Love With Running

Running is one of those things — either you can’t wait to get sweating or you’d rather get your cardio through cycling or step class. But pounding the pavement shouldn’t be at the bottom of your workout list. Get motivated with tips that will leave you looking forward to taking a jog. And it’s not always about going the distance — here’s how to mix up your routine so things don’t get boring.

We get it, running isn’t always easy, which is why we partnered with New Balance for this video sharing tips for falling in love with your run.

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  1. The New Balance Fresh Foam Zantes are terrible. By far the worst running shoes I've owned.

  2. Keep on with these videos!<33

  3. I have been running for years and I still don't get up at sunrise for a run! I am more noonish to 3pm

  4. like everybody had a beach or beautiful landscape in front of their house

  5. I love running but it's a shame i don't live by the beach?

  6. I love this! I challenged myself a few years ago to start running at the gym. I always told myself "I'm not a runner," but the truth was I just had to stick with it. Now, I feel my best when I've gone for a nice run. My next goal: running in my neighborhood instead of in the gym. Running outside in the elements is very different then running inside a gym. I have a small dog that has gone running with me a few times, but I do worry about running too long when he only has little legs 🙂 THANK-YOU for this inspiration that anyone can be a runner! It doesn't matter your speed, just that you get out and do it! CHEERS!

  7. see, in Canada, this is really hard to do lol

  8. Definitely needed this ! I am trying to fall in love with running ☺

  9. I was at my heaviest of 75kg. I used to hate running so much. Then I told myself I need to start losing weight. I forced myself to get out frm bed early morning to go for a run. Just 4 rounds around the stadium track. I increase the distance to 5km shortly after months. I joined marathons.. took part in my first 10km. As months passed, I managed to do more than that.running more than 12km.. I'm glad I decided to pick up running to lose weight.after a year of running I finally lost 13kg.

  10. a useful advertisement. Thanks for the tips! gonna try it out this weekend 🙂

  11. I wish I was that girl who just loves to run….. But I'm that girl who hates it lol

  12. She runs on her toes? Isn't that for sprinting?

  13. I have calf problems. I did buy compression sleeves for calf, but don't seem to be working!

  14. Hey guys, i don't have an area to running outside how can i fall in love with running on treadmill ???

  15. My expectations how I look like when I'm running: This video
    How I actually look: A girl with ugly sport wear, out of breath, stitch in the sides, without a dog, jogging in hicksville

  16. I wanted to go running for weeks, but I was too lazy getting started with it.
    This video motivates me very much!
    One question : is it healthy for your feet and ankles to run bare feet?

  17. I have ran since 5 weeks and I feel so better and  I lost my weight , this is my motivation for running 🙂

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