How to: Figure 8 Braid

I discovered this braid via a GIF and thought I ought to do a tutorial on it!


  1. FYI this is called a bamboo braid

  2. This is really cool thanks for posting the video

  3. Hi, I tried doing this and at first it looked like how it was suppose to but then it started looking like a regular braid. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong please!

  4. I just learned this technique recently and it's called a bamboo braid b/c it resembles a bamboo tree.

  5. i cant do it maybe cuz i have layers..

  6. i have hair thats about an inch longer than shoulder length and I found that it worked better if I added tiny sections from both sides each time I wrapped the hair. It ended up looking a lot like the fishtail but came out a lot less messy than when i do fishtails.
    thanks for the vid! I'm a fan!

  7. I'd love to do this but I have waist long hair and it would take me forever to do this X_X

  8. couldn't help but notice the background music was the same as in Mii Creator on Wii.. Lol 😉

  9. it looks kind of like DNA when it's on your shoulder.

  10. Ok thank you for making this every other video the person goes too fast!

  11. Oh gosh I love you! thank you very much for making this videos they're VERY helpful!!!

  12. love your nail colour:) as well as the hair style;)

  13. When i'm bored:
    -I watch lik 30 of your videos
    -then i try maybe one or two
    -get frustrated and wish i had your hair
    -and finally i sit back down and watch more of your vids (probably because your voice is easy to listen to)

  14. Why call it a figure 8 braid

  15. Thank you so much!! I've been trying to accomplish this braid forever and it could never make it until I saw your tutorial. I love your channel!

  16. It is SUCH a nice twist on the fish tail braid, like the way this looks so much, thanks for the tutorial!

  17. Yeah I love you must say, your are so inspirational that I can do other stuff with all of this hair! And your super cute you dont babble for no reason! Keep on making videos! Ill keep on watching!

  18. I do this to all my friends and they are like WOW! Haha thx great help!:)

  19. i can't believe how simple that is!

  20. same here!!! everyone (well every girl) in my class are always like omg!! how'd you do that!!! teach me!

  21. When you weave, you need to do a figure 8. Which should be horizontal. It will turn into a braid if to weave it diagonally.

  22. This may be because the little strand that you are weaving with is too large. Try using a smaller strand, and keep the two large chunks of hair straight, Ensure that they don't "bend" too much, and just move/weave the thin section..
    This is the best way I can explain – I understand what you mean
    Hope this helps 🙂

  23. If I even try this my arm are going to fall out!

  24. SOMEBODY HELP! Whenever I do this, it turns out as a regular braid! Why? I am going over,under,over,under,etc. Someone help.

  25. If you're going for a really tight, clean style with this braid it helps to add a tiny piece of hair from the outside of each section after each like "over, under" part. That way you never run out of the weaving strand!

  26. I tried this 8 braid with a thinner thread and it looks awesome! I will try with a thicker one too.

    this braid is great and easy ♥♥

  27. your hair is sooooooooooooooooo wonderful !

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