How To Fix a Broken Nail with Household Items!



  1. Thank u sooo much i am gonna try this out right now and tgen I'll surely coment the result!! Thanks???

  2. I just broke my nail kind of like that but a lot worse but it's late where I live and I have school tomorrow so I can't do anything until morning. I just put a bunch of clear nail polish on for now.. can I use Elmer's glue instead of the nail glue because it's all I have…

  3. Thank you for sharing, I have been doing it all wrong

  4. I broke my thumb nail while playing football WHAT WAS I THINKING long nails and football don’t go good together??

  5. My nails broken just now hope this method will fix it

  6. I actually thought this was a cutepolish video. Thank youuu I just broke my nail today in the shower

    Edit: sorry I misspelled shower

  7. My broken nail is my my nail bed, please HELP

  8. I had a top coat on and it started chipping so I picked it off….. including the tips of my nail…

  9. This is a life saver!!!!! I have been growing my nails out for a month after biting and this just happened thank you so much!!!

  10. Can i use superglue instead of nail glue

  11. This is great for me and my mother

  12. Great trick but when mine break I usually lose a chunk 🙁

  13. Simply Nailogical is crying because she can relate

  14. If i don’t have glue in my house i just use gel nailpolish

  15. I broke my pinky nail deep into the nail bed but I just got some polish and stuck that thing back on! It's been a months ?? shhhhh

  16. My Nana (a professional Cosmetologist) does a similar technique only she uses toilet paper, peals the piece in half so that she has two separate thinner pieces, measures it to her nail, cuts it down to size, and uses top coat to secure it in place; she does use a couple of coats and always lightly buffs the nail afterwards. It doesn't always last as long as 2 weeks but it does the trick.

  17. Amazing Video!!! It Looks super natural❤️ greetings from Germany ??????

  18. I can Imagine the pain. mine usually don't break but when any nail break its deeper than that and oh man that hurts so bad…

  19. Wow, great video. This would have came in handy for me a few weeks ago. LoL. Thanks

  20. There’s a school for nail tech?!

  21. Love this video! Thanks for the great tips!!!

  22. WOW…I wish I seen this a few days ago literally!!!!
    I just cut down ALL my nails becuz my middle nail was broken exactly the same way!!! But I know for next time! Loved this!!

  23. I use bits of toilet roll instead!

  24. Can I even apply super clue when the nail broke down to the nail bed? I mean it's basically applying super glue on the nail bed?

  25. This is actually perfect, since I just broke my nail today, Thank you Hannah!!!!

  26. that hack was on 5 minute crafts

  27. Hi awesome??thank you for sharing?

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