How to Fix Short Nails with Acrylic + Classy Christmas Nails


  1. Tiene las uñas muy dañadas y sigue haciéndolo. Las uñas tienen que descansar unos días de los esmaltes.

  2. so aesthetic .i admires this u are explanative and outspoken in teaching.luv u

  3. What liquid do you use? ? I'm a nail tech in California and I'm looking for new liquid as my old liquid got discontinued ?

  4. that girl whose nail was being painted might be feeling so happy because her short nail turn into a beautiful one…??

  5. maybe this video will grow my nail i hope it ??❤❤

  6. the channel called nail education made this video

  7. I love your videos I'm your subscriber I hope to have your subscription too ? thank you!

  8. هههههههههه متت من ضحك ليش شلعتوو لحم ايديهة خرب جبار من هسه

  9. see you shouldn't bite your nails

  10. I watch ur videos a lot!!, please put more, I love the way u do the nails, so beautiful!!!!!!!??

  11. My nails look worse than hers…

  12. this is just copying nail education

  13. Do you trim the tip of your brush to be that shape? or does it come that way.

  14. i have it from NATURAL BEAUTY all my nail care

  15. tdjshajxyxucjxyxhxusudjgbbuhnjhfnjjtbasgfufhccxfxgxggcyxhxuuduuuuggbcbc bjg jcv v vc hcfghh?????????tfdfgfbnnnfbhhhfjijkogfjlkghcvvfvghbgkjhhhgbhhhhggfjggbdfvfbjjfsvsvnn??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. Die Nägel sind für das kurze Nagelbett viel zu lang. Hinzu kommt der fehlende Aufbau auf dem Stresspunkt. Lange wird diese Modellage nicht gehalten haben.

  17. when you tell someone once a week or 2 weeks you should really abide by it your going to loose subscribers its been a little over a month since your last video

  18. I love watching the process and I know a lot of skill goes into it but I still think fake nails are hella nasty and gross lol your not fixing the nails your just hiding them just work hard to grow them yourself you would appreciate the lush long nails more that way than fake ones

  19. Can u make a video on cuticle application I always feel like I apply it too thin or too thick near the cuticle

  20. Det er klamt at du bider i negle

  21. can u do my nails for free plez i bit my nails to

  22. good job but I'm gonna have to be the bitchy one and ask u….why don't u build instead of using tips???? I mean u see her nails are clearly damaged from previous tip use….the glue is like death to the natural nail…..since u use acrylic trying using building forms….much more "professional".

  23. это какой то ужас

  24. i was born in egypt! in canada now

  25. really beautiful design and inspiring… keep up the lovely work

  26. Can you do my nail please??????

  27. Ten zlatý nechtík bol ale krajší s jemnejšími glitters, väčšími sa efekt len pokazil. Na červených to isté. Menej je mnoho-krát viac. Zbytočne prezdobené.

  28. i love the look it's very amazing

  29. she have a very very very very very short short nails

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