How To Fix Uneven Glutes Workout (Make Your Butt Rounder)

You can fix uneven buttock by adding this quick routine after your main session. The goal is to overload the “smaller glute” alot more than the other. If done consistently, eventually the smaller glute will catch-up in size. Also try to add weights to the recommended workouts for better results!


  1. Can you do a video on how to grow thighs only

  2. What kind u do bedides squats? I can nvr do squats i usually pull something

  3. For the single leg deadlift does the small flute have to be on the floor?and thanks for this video I needed it

  4. I'll do this workout for a week and tell u about the results

  5. Can you do more thicker thighs wider hips videos

  6. Como siempre muy buenas rutinas

  7. i am following all your videos

  8. I am thefirst one to see this videoo ?

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