HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT | For Girls Who Struggle With Weight Gain


  1. HELLO LOVES! HAPPY FRIYAYYYYY!!! So many of you requested this and I am so happy to bring it if you ever have any other fitness request I will do it 😉
    STAY TUNED FOR BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES IN THE VIDEO hehe! If you want to see daily workouts follow my instagram :@nicolettaxoyt I post A LOT OF INSTAGRAM STORIES of my workouts <3

    LOVE YOU ALL THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT YOU HAVE BEEN GIVING ME I will never get over how amazing you all are !

  2. nah ill stay eating my unhealthy ass food lol

  3. No one ever talks about being underweight because of their metabolism and how to gain weight. I’ve needed this video my entire life, thank you ??

  4. I want to try all of these! Everyone at school calls me anorexic because I’m so small compared to everyone else and I don’t mean small as in short

  5. I need to lose some weight but have been struggling so hard for so long (I eat healthy and exercise) but I don't see results ?Why?

  6. How about struggling to lose weight?

  7. I would like to hear your fitness journey.I think that it would be really interesting????

  8. Oh my god thank you so much for this video. Not many people cover this issue and it’s been such a hardship for me to gain weight.

  9. Τελειοο βίντεο ???

  10. I weigh 42-43 kg and i am a 5'1 14 yr old girl. I wanna know if my weight is okay or not.

  11. How the fuck can someone have trouble gaining weight i have trouble losing it god in mater afact gaining weight is the easiest thing in the world for me seriously

  12. love you really very much your tips and hacks just work on every one and thumbs

  13. omg thank you so much , you're the best

  14. you look flawless Nicoletta! and that jaw line of yours? so gorgeous!??

  15. oh my god! This is smthin i wanted ?! tysm Xoxo

  16. Finallly someone made a video on this topic!!! I’ve been looking everywhere to find good tips on how to gain healthy weight. I’m so small and always have been, I’m not trying to be small I just have a fast metabolisms. I like being active bc it makes me feel good but when I workout I get scared that I’d lose more weight. So THANK U

  17. OH MY GOSH I needed this so much. Thank you.,

  18. Thank you for this ? I’ve been on a weight gain journey for a little over a year now, and it’s been hard for me to find resources on how to do it in the best and healthiest way

  19. You have no idea how bad I needed this video!!

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