How To: Gel Over Polish – No Wrinkles!

Do you have a color of Nail Polish you love, but want the durability of Gel? Suzie shows how to use a Gel Top Coat over regular Polish, and keep it from wrinkling!

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  1. Another way you can do this is to encapsulate the polish into acrylic, but just like you said it must be dry. I usually go by “touch dry” so if I don’t leave a fingerprint on the polish it’s good to go

  2. LOL I figured this out awhile ago, but Americans don't want to wait around for their polish to dry throughly enough. It is easier to just not offer it.

  3. And here i was hoping on some kind of miracle hack to speed this process up, she doesn't tell you that you still can't do with most situations since it is seldom that you will have a cream color that will dry and be consistent within a time that ever makes it worth the cost and time of fixing and having the risk associated with doing it in the first place

  4. I wait at least 2h before top coat my polish with gel top coat. On me I sometimes let it dry overnight, my mom's nails even after 1h didn't worked. I think some polishes need to be completes dry in order to work, so I don't do it on my clients.

  5. Mind blown. I’ve been wanting to know if this was possible. ??

  6. Thank you so much for the info! Do you need to add a gel base coat? Or do you only need a regular polish and gel top base coat? Thanks again!

  7. Yeah most of us nail techs know this by now, but I can’t add that much drying time to the appointment…so…nope…not doin’ it.

  8. Is this really a "trick"? I mean….seems like common sense to me. I never knew people said they couldn't use a gel top coat over regular nail polish. I've been doing it on my own nails and never had any problem with wrinkling like that.

  9. Thank you for this. I had no idea. But now I’m wondering about things I’ve heard about mixing plain polishes with gel polishes in a 50/50 mixture to turn the plain polishes into gel polishes. Do you think you can address that at some point?

  10. Does this work on natural nails or enhancements? Can you use regular base?

  11. I prefer gel polish since it lasts longer

  12. I learned that it also helps to put a coat of clear gel, like builder gel, on top of the regular polish before the top coat. That way it doesn’t wrinkle or chip off earlier than a regular gel would.

  13. Love the video. Did that one time and it looked great up to two weeks, then the regular polish started to crack under the gel top coat.

  14. Susie, THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!!! This hack is amazing, I'm living for this!!! I love your channel. Kisses from Peru!! =D

  15. What happens when the gel polish does that? I’ve had that happen before where after I cure my gel polish it wrinkles. Loved the video suzie!!

  16. I like to wait until the next day to do a gel top coat. Usually lasts for a few weeks if I do it that way!

  17. Also using a fast drying top coat (seche vite) over the reg. Nail polish, then gel top coat works too

  18. Thank you for this I was just wondering about it. Were you reading my mind? What base coat should we use for this method of using polish with gel top coat? Thanks in advance.

  19. I have been doing this for a while. To make sure it doesn't wrinkle I would leave the polish to dry overnight and then gel top coat in the morning.

    As long as you're not the type who will ruin the polish whilst you sleep. 🙂

  20. I always do stamping with reg polish over gel polish then coat it with gel and have no issies cause the best part of stamping is that the polisj used is so little it dries at the moment you stamp it, never thought of this being an issue, if i had i would ve kept my reg polishes rather than replacing them with similar gel shades ? you learn as you go i guess lol

  21. Gel polish color options aren't so hot so this is a great idea! Thanks!

  22. I literally just used this method tonight:) it’s a great hack and much cheaper! ??

  23. Awsome Thanks for tip. It happen to me when i try to do it.??

  24. I like to polish my nails with regular polish at night, then the next morning, I use a clear gel topcoat. My nail polish lasts about 2 weeks or more this way – if I don’t get bored and change them first. Plus they stay super shiny. Great tip!

  25. I love this videos ! I just had a experience at the nail salon where they didn’t dry down the nails and they add gel top coat and this just exactly like you explain happened! Thanks for sharing a great advice ???

  26. I do this all the time, works great! Didn't actually know it wasn't advised

  27. The timing for this video is amazing. I have so many regular nail polishes its all I use. I had a decent top coat but my job is very hands on so it chips easily and it cracks in a few days. I bought a nail lamp and top coat hoping to see if they would work together, my first attempt did wrinkle. My second didn't and my design survived over a week before I saw a small chip.

  28. This was very helpful thank you for these tricks. Do you have any tips for taking off glitter nail polish without getting glitter all over your finger?

  29. Thank you very much suzie for making this helpful video:)

  30. Hello Suzie! I have been doing this for years. I will wait an hour or so to make sure the polish is super dry before gel because I have had the wrinkles! Hahaha It works great with most polishes.

  31. i just mix my fave colors of polish with clear gel top coat in a separate container then apply and I have never had a problem! It works great!!!

  32. You're awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  33. You know how there's spray that makes nail glue dry quicker? Is there anything to speed up the process of drying Nail Polish? I've become so impatient ???‍♀️

  34. i've been looking for an answer to this question for months and everyone just said that you're not supposed to use them together. thank you so much for helping me cheat the '"rules" of nail polish!

  35. Somehow my penchant for doing nails a step at a time throughout the day served me well here. ?. Without knowing any better, I did things right, I guess. I put a fast dry top coat over the polish and then hours later used the gel… It worked out fine for me somehow, even though I have since learned that I should lightly file the top coat to a lightly rougher texture. Sometimes lack of knowledge works. Other times….

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