How To Get A Bigger Bum in 15 Minutes | Glute Exercises For Women

Doing These butt workouts will give you a sexy butt in the shortest time possible. Just make sure your eating enough proteins to sustain your glute muscle growth.These butt workouts will also help in the removal of cellulite from around the legs and butt cheek areas. It tightens the skin which get rid of the excess cellulite around leg and butt area.

The 15 min BUTT workout routine

Toned gluteal[Butt] muscles help put pep in your step and reduce stress on your knees. To strengthen your rear end, use the following quick isometric exercises

Repeat each move four to eight times, then run through the routine once more.

  • Move 1: Full-Leg Contraction
    Begin in a wide squat. Push off the ball of your right foot and squeeze and contract your entire leg and gluteal (rear end) region. Hold for four seconds. Repeat on the left side.
  • Move 2: Glute/Butt Squeeze
    Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Squeeze your glutes as tightly as you can for four seconds
  • Move 3: Hamstring Curl
    Stand next to a wall or chair and rest one hand on it for support, if needed. Lift your right foot toward your rear for a hamstring curl. Hold the contraction for four seconds. Repeat on the left side.
  • Move 4: Standing Abduction
    Start with your legs shoulder-width apart. Lift your right leg behind you at a 45-degree angle about six inches off the floor and point your toe. Squeeze your glutes for four seconds. Repeat on the left side.
  • Move 5: Standing Abduction
    With feet shoulder-width apart, raise your right leg to a 45-degree angle. Cross it in front of your body and point your toe. Hold for four seconds. Repeat on the left side.

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