How To Get A FLAT STOMACH ! Flat Stomach Life Hacks YOU NEED TO KNOW !

Hello loves! Today I will be sharing with you guys some fitness hacks! These are specifically some stomach hacks to get a flat stomach! I will also share my favourite workouts for the abs, and workouts to lose belly fat fast !! Hope you enjoy 🙂


  1. When I eat I front of people I'm like stuffing food down my through because I don't like people

  2. Hi, i just found your channel and have been binge watching your vids. Could you possibly do a clear skin/acne vid? Thanks, your awesome and soooooooooo pretty?

  3. What’s the song in the beginning? Xx

  4. Are apples good for a small stomach?

  5. I think I am allergic to girls working out with "free" hair.. I imagine how wet and sweaty it is after lmao

  6. The no junk food rule DOES NOT apply when ur on ur period ??

  7. watches a ton of workout videos while eating salt and vinegar chips

  8. Can you do how to get rid of a double chin.

  9. could you pls do a 10 min arms+shoulders workout??? love your workouts soo much and they are seriously so helpful ❤️

  10. Nicoletta xo not gonna lie I was eating a taco when I was watching this video lol

  11. Omg I'm dying, during the first hack when she said to eat healthy I was eating a huge bag of potato chips ?

  12. eats ice cream while watching this video

  13. lol you know you are greek when the one thing that caught your eye was the bucket of feta in the fridge

  14. We all love those Chips Chocolate Candy Cake all of those start with c ?

  15. Thanks! I like so much you're videos!!??????❣❣

  16. I have to eat with my family though

  17. I can't eat a lot and healthy because then it makes me more hungry. If I eat healthy than it has to be like 500⬇️ calories

  18. Omg just found your videos your amazing xx

  19. You should be a fitness model! 😀

  20. why is she shouting. literally giving me a head ache

  21. i cant eat salad.but i love workout everyday

  22. I know what I'm doing after I move out. (I'm 12 so I'm not allowed to toss food randomly sooo….???????

  23. i was eaten.a HAMBURGER while wathing

  24. these are amazing, it deserves more views!

  25. What if u can't go to the gym would gymnastics take place on going to the gym

  26. How many times a week do you do this ?

  27. Can you do a Nina Dobrev body workout please????

  28. literally eating twisties while watching this

  29. it is more fastly, and cool vid

  30. lol I'm eating McDonald's right now GUILTY

  31. I have to brush my teeth after every meal

  32. Tip: when your craving something sweet, eat some purple grapes

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